Please recommend a show like Great British Baking Show

I may be reaching a little, but I’d like to give “Project Binky” a push, which you can find on Youtube.

Two dudes who run a race shop affably set about building up a knackered old Mini, up to and including stuffing in a much larger 2+liter Japanese engine into it–which is not dissimilar to trying to stuff an elephant into a dog’s house. Predictably, this quickly spirals out of control as so much fabrication needs to be done. It’s been years. They’re still at it. It may be a trifle stodgy if you’re utterly disinterested in cars, but they’re goofily charming in their own way and that sells it.

They’re pretty affable, they’ve been lifelong friends and business partners, so there’s none of that forced drama nonsense. They have moderately dorky senses of humour. They are very capable fabricators and mechanics. We find it a compelling watch (and I say this as having watched a fair bit of that baking show that had Sandy Toksvig in it as well).

If you like car shows, the old Roadkill series was a great watch. Two American dudes who also get along (so again, there’s no manufactured drama) get themselves a terribly clapped-out old car each episode and limp it back home, or through various idiotic adventures. Eventually they start getting massive sponsorship deals and the show segues from a struggle against automotive adversity to a 30 minute commercial for 700+ horsepower engines, so when you start seeing Hellcat logos, it’s time to check out.

Time Team. They have several years of episodes. British archeologists, digging up mostly in the UK, but there have been episodes outside of the country. They are very enthusiastic about their finds.

Making It has been mentioned. I’d also recommend Nailed It, which is a baking show for people who aren’t good bakers. It’s all in good fun, though.

Hulu has Britain’s Best Home Cook, which is similarly friendly and has a great, funny host (and also features Mary Berry!)

Seconding The Great Pottery Throwdown, I really have zero interest in pottery but the show is great comfort food, the things they turn out can be pretty amazing, and the judges are very passionate about their craft in a way I find charming.

“I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” (PBS) / “Somebody Feed Phil” (Netflix) might be of interest. Travelogue/foodie show starring Phil Rosenthal, who samples the local cuisine. I see a new season is scheduled to hit Netflix at the end of the month.

The host, Claudia Winkleman, is the highest paid woman at the BBC - not for this show (this show is pretty small fry), but for all the other stuff she presents. In particular, she’s co-host of Strictly Come Dancing, the UK’s highest rated entertainment show (and the show that spawned spinoffs such as Dancing with the Stars). It’s worth looking out for anything she presents, as she is utterly charming, funny and self-deprecating.

I rather enjoyed “Glow-Up”, which was a Make-Up Artist talent show. It was on the BBC not that long ago but I’m not sure if it’s currently available.

She’s also a regular on the panel shows, which is a whole ‘nother rabbit hole. :smiley:

8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown
Would I Lie to You
Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Also, any time she’s a panelist on QI, Would I Lie to You, 8 of Ten Cats, Big Fat Quiz, etc…

Dang, ninjaed. Teach me to go looking on the tubes for more examples…

Another option here is “Strictly come dancing”, It perhaps needs explained to americans (perhaps not, I don’t like it and wouldn’t know if there an american one).

A long time ago there was a BBC show called “Come Dancing”. It featured competitive ballroom dancing. But not anyone famous. They perhaps were famous for ballroom dancing. Anyway, it fell out of fashion and was very old fashioned and was gone by mid 80s.

They restarted it with a “celebrity” matched to a professional dancer and did text message/phone line knockouts of couples. It came with its own “things”, such as some of the celebrities would have affairs with their dance partners and either leave or makeup with their original ones. It’s kind of tame apart from that. But very “flamboyant”, if you will. Attracted the same sort of audience than Eurovision and Bakeoff.

I use the term “celebrity” in quotes because the version of a celebrity over in the UK is VERY loose. They’d be news presenters americans have never heard of. Politicians too. And presenters of really unwatched home makeover shows that people in the US will never see. I live in the UK and I don’t know who most of these celebrities are.

In recent series they’ve included YouTube “personalities” in their pool of “celebrities”. Some of them have turned out to be amazing dancers, surprisingly.

Dancing with the Stars (mentioned above) is the US spin off. Many countries have their own versions too - I suspect the BBC has made a killing selling the rights to this show globally.

Worth mentioning that it isn’t called ‘Strictly come dancing’ in other countries because it wouldn’t mean much to anyone. In the UK, it’s a mash-up of Come Dancing (so has a whiff of nostalgia with it) and Strictly Ballroom (very successful Australian film).

These days, everyone just calls it Strictly.

“Face Off” - is another competition show that has the niceness of the GBBS. The contestants want to be makeup artists. The contestants, judges, and mentors are all nice to each other. They help each other out. Of course, they want to win and do their best - but they do seem to be “here to make friends.”
It’s a good vibe.

This is exactly what I came in to recommend. Not British, but there is no way you won’t love it. :slight_smile:


Has anyone mentioned LEGO Masters? The UK version is my fave, but there’s an Australian version too which is much more flashy and competitive and I think the US version is taking its lead from the AU one.

Also The Great Model Railway Challenge is fun. Competitive teams race to make a railway diorama. Gets a bit heated when the nerdiests makers get in their own way, but it’s also light and sweet, with jovial hosts who make terrible puns.

Oh, also, don’t know if you’ll be able to find this easily, but Celebrity 5 Go… is an ongoing series where five UK has-been elderly celebs go on cheap holidays in camper vans, or canal boats, or caravans, or tents or whatever, and just learn what to do and what not to do while making a complete mess of it, and being a travelogue on the way.

On which topic, there’s also Great Canal Journeys, in which the actors Timothy West and Prunella Scales (whom you might recognise from all sorts of shows, and who are veteran narrow-boaters) cruise a variety of routes.

but mainly fawlty towers.

Who is everyone? The electronic TV Guide had it billed as strictly come dancing last night.

Come on, now. :roll_eyes: It was clear they meant in casual reference.

“Did you catch Strictly last night?”

“Susan Calman did a season of Strictly.”

There’s also Canadian Bake-Off, Irish Bake-Off, Australian Bake-Off, New Zealand Bake-Off…