Please recommend a show like Great British Baking Show

Ooh, thanks for this thread. Lots of good ideas for stuff i might watch!

This is what i was going to recommend. It’s a little more competitive than bake off, but it’s nice, and the glass is gorgeous.

I’d like to disrecommend this show. I watched about half an episode. It’s cringe-inducing. It’s all about watching people fail. And fail at making food that’s complicated, but not very good. Netflix keeps suggesting it, and just seeing the trailer makes me feel a little ill.

The thing about is, no one really cares that they fail. No one competing has any reason to think they’re going to succeed, people who have trouble making cookies try to make a wedding cake. Every once in a while they surprise themselves.

Hmm, on the one I watched, they were disappointed. And I felt like the hosts shamed them. I really hated it, but maybe other episodes are better than the one I watched.

There’s a “Bake Off: The Professionals” show but I don’t recommend it. They get in teams of professional pastry chefs, give them absolutely impossible tasks and then shred them when they fail to deliver. It’s actually quite cruel.

Thanks to this thread, I checked out Making It when we temporarily had Hulu access. I love it. Definitely also recommend.

I also don’t quite recommend Nailed It. I’d say most of the ribbing is fairly gentle, and the contestants generally don’t really expect to reproduce the example, but I’d say the feel is pretty different from GBBO.

There were also some Great British Bake Off charity specials with celebrity contestants.

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing is an amazingly sweet show. It might help to know who Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer are, but then maybe it’s best to go in cold. After both of these older comedians had some heart issues, they decided to go fly-fishing together in idyllic rivers across Britain to rekindle their friendship, improve their health, and generally have jolly peaceful fun. It’s sort of like The Trip only without any fiction.

How/where have you seen the UK and Australian versions?

I live in Australia, and also I access a lot of UK shows in ways I am not technically supposed to. Because I grew up (in NZ) watching a lot of British shows, I still have a great love for their sensibilities, and watch as many of their series as I can.

The UK show (the original) has only had two series, and is much more gentle and encouraging, and includes a lot of kids. The AU show is much more high energy and competitive, at least what I saw of it (I immediately disliked it). It’s very popular, though, so I guess it comes down to taste.

Ah yes, they’re good, because the contestants are very entertaining and have very little expectation of being able to bake anything edible.

My wife has consumed all of the Great British Bake-Off available so, based on this thread, we tried GB Sewing Bee and are enjoying it. Also tried Repair Shop and it’s decent enough although the canned banter is a bit much. But it’s also half hour episodes vs an hour for Great British Whatever so I can deal with it in half hour bites.

A new version of All Creatures Great and Small is due to air on Masterpiece on PBS in January. A friend of mine who has access to early viewing of it says it’s just as gentle and sweet as the original series.

Another possibility might be Michael Portillo’s “railway journeys” series of travelogues, first through various bits of Britain, then the Continent and later America. I couldn’t stand him in his political career but he makes a tolerable TV presenter (garish clothes apart).

How about Slow TV? The Norwegian rail system mounts cameras on their trains, and Slow TV broadcasts the run. Snow, fjords, mountains, just unnarrated footage. It’s on Pluto TV:

I used to watch that on Pluto, I stopped watching when I noticed that they ran out of content which was new to me. Slow TV is how I learned about this: