What is your current go-to reality TV?

I assume quite a few folk have a favorite “reality TV” show or 2 that they gravitate towards when they just want to veg for 30-60 minutes. Or, maybe one you are really into.

Lately, I’ve really been digging Forged in Fire on History. 4 bladesmiths compete to make the best weapon. I think what I really like about it is that the people are really demonstrating skill and producing something of quality. The competitors are often odd in various ways. And the judges have enough character to keep my interest. They seem to derive glee from beating the shit out of the knives and weapons the competitors crafted.

Other than that, our fallbacks are Love It or List It, and Property Brothers on HGTV. No, I’m not proud of that. Gee - I wonder if Hillary is going to come across some unanticipated difficulty this week?! :rolleyes:


Great British Bake Off - end of list.

I’ve even re-watched seasons, because it’s just so darned comforting and lovely.

Survivor and Amazing Race are my only “must watch” shows.

Same here.

I enjoy Forged in Fire, as well. I’d like to see a bit more actual work being done, but they’ve got a lot to fit into an hour so I’m fine with what we get.

The Amazing Race is highly entertaining, and usually very light. Even when there’s a team or two behaving badly, the overall mood remains light.

Shark Tank is always good, even when I don’t like any of the sharks.

I used to watch Top Chef, but it eventually started to feel like I was watching the same episodes over again, even if the episode was brand new. They stuck too much to the formula, and never really changed anything.

Just finished off BBC’s World’s Most Dangerous Roads, wherein a couple of celebrities are put in a 4x4 and sent off on a hazardous cross-country trek. Of course there’s no real danger involved since they have a support team, but it’s a fun watch.

Gold Rush and Ghost Adventures

I bet my wife and I could enjoy that. Gotta check it out!

Gotta respect the FIRST reply as a threadshit! Prolly doesn’t even own a TV and lets everyone know! :smiley:

Yeah man.

I don’t bake. I’m never going to bake any of that stuff. I’m diabetic, I shouldn’t be eating most of that stuff. I’ve been reading about this show for years but never watched it.

Now it’s on the Netflix and both my mom and I are addicted. I’ve been staying up late watching JUST ONE MORE because it’s so lovely.

ETA: I also watch Jersey Shore. I watched the original series and it was ridiculous trash. Now they have a new series where they keep going on little trips together and I watch that too. I ain’t ashamed!


The Great British Baking Show is the only one I bother to watch.

Note that “reality ahow” is a misnomer. They fall into two categories: game shows and documentaries. And you don’t see many documentaries these days.

So reality TV is no different from The Price is Right.

Catfish - I love the interactions between the host and his wife. And it fascinates me how far people will go to defend their relationships just so they don’t have to admit they got played.

the Alaska shows on discovery and nat geo and the little people shows on discovery ……Zoey is so adorable…

Great British Bake Off. I’m another who has re-watched episodes and seasons because everyone is so pleasant and the show is like comfort food.

Oh and my guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore. I could watch those wanna-be ginzos on a loop. Each and every one of them is an awful, disgusting person… no way their collective IQ reaches room temperature.

But I can’t turn it off. Go figure. I’ll tell you, though, it sure reminds me of how grateful I am to NOT be a single 20-something. Good god this country is doomed.

We like those and also Survivor.

Yes, LioLi is pretty dependable and has the same plot, but the families are different and I like seeing what $XXX buys across the nation*. Also the bickering is well done and good natured, which is hard to do.

  • many times i have turned to my wife and said “Damn, $300K buys that mansion? Let’s sell this and move* there!*”.

My eyes hurt after watching any Ghost hunting show, that much eye-rolling can’t be good for them…

Do note that the sounds they recorded are mostly known to be faked. It’s amazing however- millions of feet and hours of taping Ghost watches- and not one single solid apparition.

Dont get me wrong, I did sit in (as the “skeptic”) on a couple of haunted house watches all night long, and there is no doubt that sitting all night long is a old house can be very spooky. Weird noises, unexplained drafts, etc.

I prefered Fact or Faked.

Survivor: Every episode for the last 18 years, not a single one missed.

Making It was a great crafting “British Bake off” show. Worth it.

I only have over-the-air TV. The only two reality shows that I find watchable are both reruns on the Quest network: Auction Kings and Yukon Gold.