"Please remove all metal objects out of your pockets"

Don’t know what board to post this in, but I saw it on a commercial on TV so I’ll try here. This is in the Chase commercial set at the airport. It grates my ears every time I hear it. Seems like you could either say “Please remove all metal objects from your pockets.”

or “Please take all metal objects out of your pockets.”

but “Please remove all metal objects out of your pockets.” sounds wrong

“Take… out of your pockets” is fine.
“Remove… from your pockets” is good too.

The one in the OP sounds odd. Like a non-native English speaker. And considering that Chase has come from beyond the starts to eat our brains, I’d say it’s apt.


What they seem to be asking is that you perform an act on a set of objects, where the act is “remove” and the set of objects “all metal objects out[side] of your pockets”. In order to “remove” an object from the state of outside-your-pockets-ness, one must put it in your pocket(s). Hence, they are asking you to put every metal object in the universe (or at least in the local physical context) into your pockets.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.