Please suggest wording for..

a thank you e-mail for an interview. I always send a thank you e-mail after an interview but I never get the wording the way I want it.

Any suggestions?


Was that enough? What? You wanted more? damn enter key getting under my fingers…
I started and then realized it would be easier if I had some relevant info.
What position were you applying for and what was the interview set-up? Did you speak to a single individual or group? Was your potential direct supervisor involved?
Was it a straight talk interview or did you get a tour of the facilities?

Basically you want to say, “Thank you for your time in considering my employment. I enjoyed speaking with you… Your company is lovely… My skills would be an asset…I think it would be a good match with the accountant on the fourth floor who has delightfully perky breasts…”

that sort of thing.

To whomever,

Thank you for considering me for the position of ‘whatever’.

Lot of love


Seriously why would you bother? Do you believe a thank you for the interview could be a deciding factor? If it is then you need to write the thank you in a similar tone as your previous contact with the company.

I’m not sure I would want to work anywhere that requires a thank you for an interview.

I’m not sure it’s necessary either, and I’m even less sure that, if done, it should be done via e-mail. But that’s not what you asked, so try this:

Dear __________:

It was a pleasure to speak with you yesterday.* The opportunity to see (your company)'s workplace and meet some of its employees left me eager to join them. Please let me know if you need any further assistance from me as you make your decision.


  • This would be where to mention anything that might help him/her remember you, as long as it’s short and not along the lines of “I hope the stains come out of your ceiling.”

I KNOW that it can. Shortly after I started at the position I am in now, I received word from the office gossip that they chose me over the older, more-experienced person they originally wanted because of the thank you letters I sent out. They said it showed initiative and follow-up, two things my predecesor lacked.

I think The King of Soup gave you a good basic template. My only additional suggestion is to just keep it simple: don’t treat it as a second cover letter/resume/interview.

It’s just like anything else in life: “thank you” is never required, but it’s always polite and makes you look good. :slight_smile: Like TwoOnSunday’s story demonstrates, if a company needs to decide between two equally-qualified candidates but only one sent a follow-up “thank you” after the interview, that’s the one most likely to be offered the job. From the personal anecdote files, when my department hired a new tech writer last year one of the applicants didn’t send a thank-you note, and it really bugged my supervisor. I don’t believe it’s the sole reason he didn’t get the job, but I have no doubt that it was a factor.

Totally depends on where you interviewed. I work at a software company with an informal corporate culture, and e-mail is de rigueur – a written letter wouldn’t be frowned upon or anything, but it wouldn’t carry any more weight than an e-mail. The note itself is the important thing.