Advice on a post-interview thank you note

Okay, I had an interview on Friday that went well, and I’d like to send the interviewer a thank you note. Does anyone have advice on what to say? I know I’m basically thanking them for taking the time to consider me and that I enjoyed meeting with them. But is there anything else. Should I continue to sell myself? Try to look hopeful about the job? These seem tacky to me, but I’ve never written one before and can’t seem to find coherant advice on it. If anyone out there has written or recieved any of these notes and has some pointers I would be very greatful to have them passed along.

I hired the last person who did that. Make it short, professional, and check for typos. Thank them for the opportunity to present your talents and qualifications and mention that, based on your discussion with the interviewer and others, you think you would be a good fit in the organization. Don’t try to play catch-up with information you wish you had presented at the interview, or rehash your resume. They have all that information. The decision to hire often comes down to very minor things, and a polite ‘thank you’ could make the difference.

I’m another big fan of thank-you letters. What Chefguy said – don’t rehash (though if you thought of something you wished you’d said after leaving, go ahead and mention it), just thank the person for taking the time to talk with you and say how excited you are about the possibility of joining the [insert name of company here] team.

Two equally qualified candidates? I’d take the one who wrote the thank-you note.

This really surprises me - I always assumed the thank-you-note advice was along the lines of “wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident” sort of thing. It’s one of those things that everyone tells you to do but no one really pays a lot of attention. I think if I was hiring someone, if I got a note, I’d be thinking “This guy must have read in a book that he should send a note.” Guess I’m just cynical.

My husband always wrote notes. The issue never came up for me because I’ve been with the government for almost 30 years.

So I guess the note is a good idea then…

I’ve only ever gotten one, and the sender was a dweeb that I wouldn’t have hired anyway. If you do send one, keep it short and to the point. I’m temped to post the note I got as an example of what not to write, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Just be quick and professional.