Please tell me about GMail

Our home computer has Windows Live Mail, and my work email is MS Outlook. I would like to create another email account that doesn’t interact with either of existing home or work emails and is completely separate.

I’ve tried googling this but everything I’ve found is predicated on me starting with more knowledge than I currently have.

I have some questions:

[li]Can I use GMail from any device with internet access anywhere?[/li][li]Can a GMail account be accidentally detected or seen (in any way or via an icon) on a home or work computer without deliberately logging in or looking for it?[/li][/ul]

Thanks in advance

If you can run a browser or download the GMail app on a device, you can use GMail.

You’ll have to explain the second question a bit more. What are you worried about? The GMail app could be seen by anyone who can access your phone. Other apps may detect that you have it installed.

For the second question: if you are logged in on a computer, then when you go to Google’s home page, your name will appear in the upper right, with a Gmail link right next to it. So if someone else accesses your computer, they can easily get into your email. Easily solved by signing out if other people use your computer.

What don’t you want the wife to see?

Secret Emails never end well.

If it is on the net, someones ( eventually a lot of someones ) will find it sooner or later. It never goes away, as many celebrities are finding to their dismay…

If anyone uses your devices, especially a 12-13 year old, your secrets will be found sooner.

You need to use “Private Browsing” in whatever web browser you are using.
That way, no history, cookies, or passwords will be stored, and all traces of your surreptitious emailing activity will be erased whenever you close the browser (which you need to do every single time).

Use Google to find other freemail services. Gmail ties too tightly to the system especially Android based or through Chrome. As a “hidden” email I use yandex under an alias. Aol still exists. Or pay a few bucks. Just uncheck the " remember me" box.

Nothing nefarious actually. I am thinking of trying some amateur fiction writing to be submitted to amateur writing sites, and I don’t want her being aware of this. And, (and she knows this) I have a therapist who I deal with via Skype from time to time and it would simply be better, if I want to email him some prep info, to use a different account.

It’s not a security problem with gmail it’s problem with human nature. Anyone accessing gmail on a PC or device where you have gmail installed will be autologged onto your gmail unless you actively logged out of the last session. Gmail wants to make itself easy and convenient to use not hard. Unless you are willing to be scrupulous about logging on AND OFF every time you use it I would not suggest gmail.

In thinking about it if you want real security you would be better off buying a tablet or phone and securing it somewhere out of reach or out of the house. You can then install a separate gmail account on that device and have reasonable security.

As a side note I will tell you now if you think even the nicest spouse or SO is going to respect your privacy if they think they can read your mail without you knowing you are setting yourself up for a rude awakening. You’re fighting a basic human drive to be as aware as possible of the status their relationship and this drive is especially strong in women. If you want to have the device handy in the house you are putting temptation in front of her and setting the situation up for disappointment and failure.

Google is pretty notorious for integrating it’s way into things you don’t actually want it to. If your paying attention you can always stop it but that’s not how most people operate. If it gets the permissions it wants on a phone it’s going to be completely integrated into everything you do complete with recommendations.

‘I saw your contacts list for your phone, ran those numbers against our email accounts, found Sue in accounting so lets to go ahead and invite her to be your friend in google circles!’ ’ ‘What no Google! Stop! Sue is a crazy bitch! She’ll read way to much into this!’

If you want to keep something separate, I think Gmail is a poor choice

Just do what beowulff said and use private/incognito mode along with a new Gmail account. It’s not that hard. This was specifically built as a porn mode, to cover tracks from SOs, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. As soon as you close the window, it’s all gone. Nothing left in history or cookies.

Unless your wife is a techie willing to look through your RAM or install a keystroke logger, it’s good enough. Just remember to do it. Usually it’ll look visually different (a different color, gray or orange, plus some sort of “spy”-looking icon) so you can tell when the browser is in private mode vs not.

Whichever email account you get, you most likely will want to use a browser to access it. Do not add it as another user or account in Outlook or whatever e-mail program you use. Otherwise you’re back to square one. You may also be able to get a second email account from your ISP. I can get up to five.

Wow. This is wildly misogynistic, insulting and complete bullshit. Cite?

My husband’s laptop is right over there, is usually logged into his email account, and I’ve never been tempted to read it. The same with mine. It’s called trust.

A better solution to accidental auto-login is to enable two-factor authentication and don’t click the “remember me” options on Gmail. That way, the only way anyone can ever log into your account from anywhere is to have access to your phone and know your password.

The privacy of incognito mode is a little overstated. You wouldn’t need to install a keylogger to figure out what sites you visit. Depending on the OS, one could simply take a look at the DNS cache or downloaded SSL certificates, for example. That might still beyond the tech capability of anyone you’re trying to keep secrets from, but don’t count on it. Even non-techies are capable of 15 seconds of Googling.

This was touched upon but not spelled: Microsoft Outlook is a mail program, not a mail provider. Your mail “supplier” at work is your employer; if I access my work mail through Outlook or through webmail, I’m still accessing the same mail. I happen to have two work-provided email accounts (one from my employer, one from the client to which I’m assigned); both get opened in Outlook but in different computers (each Outlook is linked only to “its” account, but either one could be linked to several accounts).

Sort of like how you can use MSWord to read documents from many different sources: Word is the program, not the provider of the material.

Yeah, but big deal.
So, it would show that you visited some Google site - so what?

I don’t know whether Gmail has a separate certificate or IP address. Does it not?

If you do a reverse lookup for gmail, and then take that IP address and put it into your browser, you go to Google’s search page.

As for the certificate, I don’t know - but remember, this is for obfuscation, not for trying to hide from the NSA.

Sure. But doing a quick Google search for how to see what websites a computer has visited isn’t that far removed from checking a browser history. My original point was just that there are a lot of steps between emptying a history and avoiding a key logger.

Depends on what you want GMail to do for you. I bought a tablet last year, opened my GMail account, and suddenly everything linked to my GMail account was right there on an icon. Best feature was Hangouts. Activate that feature in yur mailbox menu, and when you are traveling where there is WiFi, you have unlimited free calling to any phone number in North America. Last month, I made dozens and many hours of free phone calls to people back home from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Australia, Japan, virtually no limit wherever there is wifi.