Please welcome warmly *drumroll* wyldelf!!

Greetings and salutations.

I am fully clothed.

In a pink tutu, combat helmet, and leather jacket.

I am so in love in with Dr Pinky already!!! You can be my fashion guru from now on.

Hey, with 18 posts in 2 days (at this writing) you’re certainly making up for lost time…

BTW, I don’t speak Oz - what is yonks?

BTW, never admit misspellings - it’s just typos, our huge brains outpace our fingers, which cannot keep up with the torrents of witticisms. (spread THAT on the field and watch the corn grow!)

Welcome aboard!

Welcome welcome, good to have you aboard! Just to echo the sentiment, any friend of dpr is cool in my book.

Fair warning. This place (and some of the people in it) are more addicting than heroin. :wink:


** yonks **(n) meaning ages or a long time. Often used by inbred peoples who grew up in the outback (ie me)

**outback **(n) meaning a left turn after th black stump, back of beyond, middle of nowhere, two-header country.

Thanks for the welcome lurkernomore.

Hi, wyldelf, nice ta meetcha.

dpr said:

How 'bout the felching and squicking?

Felching - I’ll bring the gerbils!!

but squicking??? you got me on that one - in the immortal (immoral) words of one of our least favourite politicians - “Please Explain”

Oh, no, we’re gonna hear it again… and it isn’t nearly as wholesome as felching…

:: stealths in, looks around until no one is watching, and then steals a hug on the sly, then sneaks out. ::
[sub]More fun that way.[/sub]

:: pretends not to notice Narile sneaking in, luxuriates in the hug, flips red hair in an attempt to be alluring and smiles shyly::

Hello hello. Sorry to interupt the flirting, but I just wanted to say hi and welcome.

“Hi and welcome.”

Make yourslf comfortable. Everyone stays a long while!

Omigod, scaring away another new poster with nudity, perversion, crass propositions and…

Oh. I was about to try hiding the sheep (Flossie) and explaining that the clubhouse has rubber-sheet walls purely for insulation purposes, but looks like you’re our kind of people. Sick, demented, perverse…the ususal.

::sighs with relief::

Can you tell us the trick with the potato peeler? We’ve been trying unsuccessfully to squelch dpr for ages and haven’t found the trick.

Kinky! Like it! And many welcomes.


I’ll welcome you if you welcome me, wyldelf. C’mon over to my thread. We’re doing shots right now.

From one newbie to another, “Heya!”

But I haven’t scared away anyone that I know of yet ::Innocent look:: :slight_smile:

You have a sheep named Flossie?? Awesome - I have a Hairy Coo named Roger (and that’s an interesting story in itself).
On the clubhouse idea - Has dpr mentioned his dungeon yet?

I could tell you and yes it is rather kinky I suppose but I would be forced to kill you to keep you silent ::grins::

Hypergirl feel free to interrupt my flirting anytime - especially if you are going to join in!!
annalamerino thanks for the welcome - I am enjoying it here!

Catch you all around :slight_smile:

Hi there, wyldelf! I’m Silver Fire, I’ll be your tour guide. :slight_smile: I’m kidding, there are no tours. That’s probably a good thing. Have fun, I’m sure you will. Any friend of dpr’s is… Well, seriously fucked up in the head, that’s what they is. :smiley: Have a great time.


Roger?! (“Over!”)

Kitchen gadgets…feisty redhead…outlook that drives strong men to drooling submission…

You’re gonna fit in here just fine, wyld!

(BTW, my lame name aside, I’m female, so this is purely artistic appreciation.)

And dpr lured you to the group. Who’d a thunk it?

We always suspected he had issues.

Doing the primal, evil-fun, female Doper Happy Dance,

hey!! ::injured silence:: just cause it’s true doesn’t mean you have to point it out :smiley:

Awesome - please take the time to teach me it at some stage. I am all for anything evil-fun and primal!!!

Videotaping TV Doing the primal, evil-fun, female Doper Happy Dance

Watching this’ll warm ya up those cold lonely winter nights…


Videotaping TV Doing the primal, evil-fun, female Doper Happy Dance

Watching this’ll warm ya up those cold lonely winter nights… **

I’ll add it to my collection of tapes ::leer:: not that we really get too cold winters or anything - not cold but definately lonely - so every little bit helps. Does it come with an optional moaning pillow?

Anyone have any videotapes of squicking so I can finally work out what the hell it is? I am sure I probably will regret asking but hey - Educate me!!