Please welcome warmly *drumroll* wyldelf!!

She’s a very close, personal friend. She’s cute (yes it’s true), she’s a redhead (with a wilful temper), she’s witty, she’s a heck of a lot of fun, she’s holding a gun to my head…

She’s heard so much about the boards she finally came to check them out. She’s a wonderful person - I think you’ll love her. Please make her very welcome (I haven’t told her about the nudity yet).

::runs in topless::


(the ::waves:: thing was getting old)

Lot of Fun:Noted
Cute???–NOW we’re talkin!!

Anyhow-Welcome to the boards, have a fun time, and don’t hijack too many threads.

A close personal friend of DPR’s can’t be too bad :smiley:

Hey hey, welcome to the board. I’m Tasha, and I didn’t feel like running in naked [this time]. Have fun.

::tips hat::

Welcome to the boards.

Hey thanks guys!

Running in topless? Woo Hoo - reminds me of the place I live at - feel right at home now.

Thanks DPR for the introduction!
Red Head - very much so
Temper? - uh huh - but only when deserved - which is why you usually see it DPR
Cute - I really can’t help it but what can you do?
Witty - I guess we will have to wait and see on that score.

Oh - and by the way DPR - I voted for you for president - and am just reading your list of the perfect woman - I don’t think I will mention how low a score I got.

See you all around guys.

Redhead with accent, cute and intelligent/nice.

Wait, I already have one of those . . .:slight_smile:

Never a gun dearest - just a potato peeler

Nudity - I get nudity too - oh why oh why hadn’t I heard about this earlier - I would have signed up yonks ago!!

Lots of nice people here. I hope you have fun!


Can I call you Delfy? Loooong story, but if you want me to explain it, Wyld, just email me.

Welcome to the group…


Welcome wyldelf~

I LOVE your username, wish I’d thought of it!

You have impeccable taste in friends, and besides~if you are a redhead, you are clearly a superior individual! There are oodles of wonderful redheads here. Well, I wasn’t referring to ME of course, but for some reason redheads abound.

Besides, any friend of dpr’s is sure to be a worthy addition to our motley crew.

And of course, any friend of dpr’s is welcome to be a friend of mine.



Hi, wyldelf, and welcome! Is a fun group here, and I’m glad you’ve joined us :slight_smile:

Hmmm, a close personal friend of dpr, eh? Anytime you want to start spilling embarrassing details just give me a holler, ok? :smiley:

Thanks Scotti!
The username is an old nickname of mine (DPR would have preferred I used my other which is the nickname he gave me - EWOK)

It is always a pleasure to trade chat with other redheads - we are definately an interesting breed.

Ditto - anyone that DPR consider’s a friend comes with the highest recommendation in my books - so it is wonderful to meet you.

dpr, I know I said I’d take advantage of your hospitality if I were ever in Oz, but there’s this cute redhead, ya see, and…

Welcome wyldelf!

Hey Dropzone!
You are welcome to come crash out at my house also if you are in OZ - my housemates and usually have a few spare bunks around -especially if DPRs snoring gets too much grins

oops sorry about the spelling/missed words but I am trying to do some work in between.

This is the great thing about us living half a world apart–I can volunteer your place as a crash pad and you can accept and NEITHER of us has any worries that it will ever happen!

But thanks!

Hi wyldelf! Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard wyldelf! :slight_smile:

I have to admit, I saw the name on the forum page and thought “This must be one of Welfy’s friends.” Well cause of the spelling and all…

Anyways, enjoy your stay, and don’t get too addicted, um’kay. :wink: