Plot point in Spaceballs (Chinese line up for bags of fresh air)

Was reading CNN and this article struck me as an instance of Hollywood indirectly nailing something in real life (sort of). Warning, open spoilers about the movie Spaceballs coming up.

In the movie Spaceballs, one of the plot points is that the planet of the evil empire side is running out of fresh air so has to steal it from another planet. They use a giant space transformer (from star ship to MEGAMAID!) to accomplish this. At any rate, during the movie, one of the scenes has the evil president opening a can of fresh air after telling the press that there would be plenty of air for the planet for decades to come.

And on CNN, we have this…people in China lining up to get bags of vacuum sealed fresh mountain air.


How do you vacuum-pack air?

Gods know. :stuck_out_tongue: ETA: It’s like the dehydrated water where you just add water to rehydrate it.

If they keep this up, I may have to change my luggage combination.

Oxygen Bars have been around for a while.

I went through Zhengzhou last September, and its air quality was really bad. Permanent overcast of smog, like LA from decades back when I was a kid. Or like Beijing. I work at a chemical plant, and the air here is easier to breathe.

So, not too surprised that bags of fresh air have some appeal there. However, I was also up in the mountains near Hangzhou, and there was smog there, too. So not sure how clean that mountain air would have been.

That will be on the next Cracked List of Bullshit Stories that were Picked Up by the Media.

Not much point in breathing Chinese air. You’ll just need to breathe again half an hour later.

I’m just wondering how much extra pollution was generated in the process of bagging up the mountain air. :confused:

Bernard Dehydrated Water