Perri-Air comes to China

This is one of those cases where you have to look and see if one of those professional pranksters is around. Apparently China has started selling canned fresh air:

It’s in lpots of respectable news outlets. Evidently Chen is the “pranksdter”, if you take the stories straight, trying to bring attention to the problem, which has been making the news even without him. But I can’t help thinking of SpaceBalls

It’s on Yahoo News now:

OK, but this isn’t new. A while back, after the Pet Rock phenomenon I saw cans of fresh air on sale in North America supposedly from, I dunno, the Arctic, and Greenland, and places.

Although I suspect while we treated it as a novelty fad perhaps the Chinese are taking it a bit more seriously, shall we say.

Laugh now but beware if China’s new line of warships come shaped as vacuum cleaners

Don’t worry, our special forces can switch them from suck to blow.