PLP in Rickie Lee Jone's Chuck E.'s in Love

I’ve been curious about this since I first heard the song. What the hell does “p.l.p” mean in the opening of Chuck E.'s in Love? As in:

“How come he don’t come p.l.p. with me / Down at the meter no more?”

I know I’m not mishearing it, because that’s what it is in the published lyrics. And when Chuck E. used to p.l.p with RLJ, why did they need a meter? The mind boggles.

I’ve already rejected “proteolipid protein” and “People’s Liberation Party” because neither can be verbs.



I don’t know what PLP is, but I think the next line is “down at the Lido no more.” The Lido being a theater or dance hall or something like that.

Lotta help I am.

Nope. I was wrong. I just looked at the lyrics, and it does say “meter.”

Doesn’t make sense, though.

the lyrics

When I was a teen, “PLP” was a rather silly little trick you’d play on someone. e.g.,

“What to play PLP?”
“What’s PLP”
“Public Leaning Post” and they’d try to lean against you.

I’d guess Rickey was refering to something like that. The “meter” is probably a parking meter and the context would indicate they’d spend time leaning against the parking meter and watching people go by.

Thanks, RealityChuck! Makes perfect sense to me.


To back up RealityChuck, I remember at the time the song came out it was said that PLP=Public Leaning Post.

This interpretation is correct. In the 1980 videoclip of Rickie’s live performance of this song, we see her quasi-leaning on a public post, watching the people go by, when she sings this very line.

Thank you hminkema.

I am sure everyone has been on tenterhooks for the past NINE AND A HALF YEARS awaiting your confirmation of the data.

Unrelated to the OP’s question but fun Perspicuity cartoon

On re-reading Craig Swanson’s text, it actually has a tongue-in-cheek “explanation” that relates to the OP’s question.

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