Pls explain how to extract an entangled stated from the quantum vacuum (past-future entanglement)

The proposal is for an experiment where 2 quantum systems (qubits) are entangled w/o ever having interacted either directly or indirectly except via the quantum vacuum.

Phys. org. article.

Original article as published in Physical Review Letters.

Since no one responded, I’ve done a little more research and found some information in the popular press that may be helpful. This article in Technology Review is a little vague but does help to clarify a few points.

First they explain that normally entanglement is understood to violate the principle of locality by operating instantaneously over vast distances - although to some extent this can be seen as a matter of interpretation.

They then explain that it can also act in a similar fashion across time. So you could have one quantum circuit that encodes a qubit while also creating the information needed to decode it. Later, another detector in the same area of space could retrieve the information and decode the qubit.

This is a quibble with the article and not you allotrope.

So what? Using gravity and time dilation and known science we can travel into the future right now!

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