Plumbing issue - removing tub faucet spindle

It looks like one of the washers on our two handle tub faucet has failed - closing the faucet only shuts off about 90% of the water volume.

I have some replacement washers already.

I got the escutcheon off with no issue.

However, there appears to be one more 1 1/2" nut holding the spindle in, and I can’t get enough grip/leverage on it with my wrenches or pliers to remove it due to the depth below the surface of the tile. My 10" adjustable wrench appears to have walked out, and my slip joint pliers are all too big to get a grip on the flat side of the nut given the size of the opening in the tile.

Before I run to the hardware store to find a wrench that will let me take it off… can anybody confirm that I’m not missing something obvious here? Should I be trying to get this spindle out some other way?

Not sure about the bath faucet but I have used a basin wrench in a similar application.

See here

You need a shower valve socket. The link is to a kit that has ones of various sizes, or you can buy just the one size you need.

The spark plug wrench on my Honda 50 looked like that.

The shower valve socket set looks plausible. Thanks folks.

BTW, while you’ve got the valve removed, I recommend examining and possibly replacing the valve seat.

Second the idea of replacing the seat. If you don’t do it now, you can do it the next time you change the washer. In my experience, a bad seat will cause the new washer to fail in several months or so. But you have a bunch of washers, so change the seat when you get tired of changing washers, or when you get to your last washer. It’s easy to do with a seat wrench, which is under $10.

That’s what you need. Just about everything in plumbing seems to have a specialized tool to remove/install it. It’s always worth looking to see if you need it before you wreck something and turn ‘fixing the shower valve’ into two day project that involves learning how to cut out and sweat in a new valve body and re-tile a shower.

I got the set. The largest socket fits the spindle nut, and one of the smaller ones fits the escutcheon nut.

Total cost of repairs: $24.99. Beats paying a plumber $120 to come out.

I did eyeball the seat while I was in there and the rim looked fine.

When my wife got home today, she said, “Oh, by the way, little pieces of black plastic have been coming out of that faucet for the last couple of days.” Thanks honey.