Removing a Tub Faucet: How!?

I’m doing some tiling in the bathroom. The faucet for the tub is identical to this one, except that mine has no plunger for locking the drain below. It’s an apartment tub and the shower knobs and faucet are half way along the long side of the tub instead of at the end.

I felt underneath, sure I’d find a set screw. There isn’t one. It’s a rental apartment. I’m not going to be tearing the wall out to remove a faucet. So… how might this have been originally affixed? Screwed on seems whacky. I did try rotating it counterclockwise. Either it wasn’t screwed on, or it’s seized over time.

Hate to buy an escutcheon, but I fear that’s the only way to cover the gap that will occur when I cut the tile.

Thoughts on how to get the blasted thing OFF so I can cut a tile to fit snugly around the actual pipe?

Many thanks in advance.

Yep, screwed on. If you stick something long and blunt in the opening, like the handle of a hammer, you can get some decent leverage. But if it’s been a while, it’ll take some elbow grease.

i’ve seen screw on and press on (rubber O rings to seal, with a set screw)

This thing has been on for DECADES. Maybe…if I take a heat gun to it first and soften things up, I’ll try using hammer handle, which is wood, into the faucet mouth. I’m guessing the faucet mouth will crack before it rotates.

Perhaps… banging gently all around faucet with wooden dowel to un-seize it first?..

wrapping the faucet with a rag and using a pipe wrench or large jawed (Tongue-and-groove) pliers will give better action to unscrew.

LOL I just did that, came back to the keyboard to see that suggestion. The wooden handle was looking to deform the mouth of the faucet. Large channel locks and a rag did the trick.

Many thanks all !!! Asked and answered.


I see you already got it, but I what I usually do is put something (like a hammer) in the end of the faucet AND grab the rest of the faucet with my hand. Turning the whole thing at once will help you not just tear the end of it off.

Fascinating artifact. The dripping we had been seeing has stopped. I’m familiar with a seat wrench, but would have the landlady call a plumber. Cannot figure out why, but the tub is now dry.

I AM A WEEKEND WARRIOR GOD !!! I would be preening before my wife over this. But she is out of town.


why are you wasting fix-it credits?