Plumbing question: Where are the troughs?

As the men here know, when you would go to a public men’s bathroom in a place like a sports stadium that it used to be standard practice to have to use a trough to pee in to. Your choices were either the trough or waiting for a stall to open up.

Newer stadiums have individual urinals exclusively. I have been told that this is because current plumbing codes require them.

My question is: what was the reason that troughs were banned? Do they use more water than individual urinals? Are urinals more sanitary? Is it some combination of the two.

Here in L.A., you can still go to an older stadium, such as Dodger Stadium or the Memorial Coliseum and find the older fixtures, but if a stadium performs major renovations on its restrooms, such as the Rose Bowl, individual urinals are put in.

is it a code issue, or just asthetics? I have no idea of the plumbing code out that way (or even here for that matter) but suspect it is a matter of someone’s tender sensibilities being offended by the crudness of the trough. Personally, I say those who have to go go. Those who are offended, let them wait in line. The trouble is this is all predicated upon a line of thought I cannot prove or defend, so I rely on the ultimate line of defence…IMHO,and add a WAG to that as well.

Kohler still manufactures a 6" trough urinal (K-5058), although the local AHJ may preclude it’s use. I’m not aware of any exclusion in IRC or UPC.

One UPC reference I found online (and it was some local variation) stated that troughs were only allowed for temporary purposes. And there were all sorts of restrictions about waterproofing around it.

Trough urinals, for anyone who likes pictures. The urinals of Machu Picchu (2nd page) are especially interesting.

danceswithcats: your IRC and UPC certainly trump my WAG. And your AHJ brought the point home with authority, but your K-5058 was just rubbing my nose in it… Have a save and happy fourth!

Maple Leaf Gardens had the trough. I can’t remember many details as it was years and years ago, but I do recall that when you were peeing, you stood facing the guy opposite you. Sort of unnerving. Am I recalling correctly?

Some new facilities in UK use the concept of troughs, but are merely floor drains. You walk up and pee on the tiled wall. There is a drain at the bottom of each wall in the room which is exclusively a urinal…the rest of the bathroom is separate.

I attended a grade school in Chicago that had a trough urinal. Very old school building.

I thought it was a privacy issue!
As the two long tall bb players said:
Boy! That water sure is cold.
The other retorted: And DEEP!