Poco: Did they ever record "Falling In And Out of Love with You"?

I know its a Pure Prairie League song, but I thought I heard a Poco cover somewhere.


Not according to allmusic.com. Poco isn’t on the list of songs by that name or any variation.

I thought that was an Alicia Keys song.

“Amie” is the much more popular song you’d have heard on the radio; “Falling In and Out of Love” is a short, almost-an-overture that is on some of the Pure Prairie League albums. Look for “Amie” on allmusic – I didn’t see Poco, but they might be listed under an individual artist’s name instead of as a group there.

Is it the same song that Alicia Keys recorded?

Never mind. Google reveals Keys’ song is called “Fallin’” and she’s credited as the writer.

ETA: Google result.