Podunk, MA

The Cecil Adams column Where is Podunk? was recently posted to the Straight Dope front page again. Turns out, if you bring up East Brookfield, MA on Google Maps, you can find Podunk Road and Podunk Pike.

So, even in 2020, the legend of Podunk still lives - and modern technology proves it! :grin:

Wikipedia has a list of places called Podunk. They list one in Windham County, Vermont, but there’s another one elsewhere in the state that I’ve visited. It’s in Windsor County, near the line separating Hartford and Norwich. Or at least there’s a Podunk Brook and a Podunk Road. The Appalachian Trail passes through that area, which is how I came to visit.

There’s also a Tigertown Brook and Tigertown Road in the same general vicinity. I have no idea what’s behind that name.

Having help maintain that section of trail, I’ve spent time on that road.

Thanks for that. You must have done a good job because I didn’t break any bones on that section.