Poetic Systems Echo Chair

Anybody have any experience with Poetic Systems Echo Chair ?

I got sent a link from a friend, and I think it is way spiffy … but I was hoping for some feedback from someone who has one, or has seen on up front and in person…

Interesting. I wonder what they cost. From the website:

Anytime I see something like this, it typically means big $$$$.

I found a link by googling that was from a trade show report from 2000 that was in the $7500 range for the aura which is the top of the line version.

See, I spend enough time jacked into my computer that something like that actually almost makes sense - ergonomic, controlled lighting, air filter with radiant heater, wiring is built in for much of it, and designed to be like a cockpit just for driving a computer instead of a plane=)

I dont need to be able to spin it around, but I like the fact that you essentially plunk it down next to a power point, and the wiring is integral … though instead of 2 monitors, I could see a single very nice 24" flatscreen mainscreen and a smaller 14-19" monitor done portrait [vertical not horizontal] as a secondary screen. I could permanently mount the webcam for my teleconferencing, and put my melitta 1:1 pod brewer and britta pitcher on the funky little table wings behind the chair=)

I wouldnt normally think of anything this frivolous, but I am coming into a small bequest from my dad, and his policy with gift money was to always spend it on something you drool over rather than need as long as there arent any bills owing.

Once I pay off my car, I will be putting in the indulgabath I need, and I am hoping I have enough left over to get this. Frivilous, but something that might make life funner and more comfortable=)

I wouldn’t call it frivolous if it makes life more enjoyable! I hope someone comes by with some experience to share. Personally, I take a bit of kidding about my chairs. I have two skychairs (one of which hangs in my living room), a futon, and an upholstered antique dentist’s chair. Visitors tend to stand around considering their options for a prolonged time. :smiley: