Point Break Your Neck

Not satisfied with wildfires, California is now expecting waves up to fifty feet. Living on the East coast, my idea of a big wave is more like five feet (and I’ve been to areas where they approach five inches.)

Wow, I’d like to be at Point Reyes or someplace like that to watch the surf. And yeah, after getting used to West coast waves, I was bemused by the five inch waves I saw at Tybee island. Who turned off the ocean?

Cue Tool

To be fair, this is exactly what the warnings are trying to prevent. DON"T GO STAND ON THE CLIFF/BEACH TO WATCH THE BIG-ASS WAVES, YOU COULD GET WASHED AWAY AND DIE! But, people will be people.

Avast! Brown tide approaches!

A surfing competition has been postponed? Wimps.

Hold my beer …

This should be the official California state cartoon.

Even with the floods and fires and waves and quakes, California is the best state to live in. The rest of the US must truly suck. :smiley:

Notwithstanding ‘the south’ ™, that suckitude is well documented.

Several years ago there was a “rogue” wave during the Mavericks competition that took out a bunch of spectators:https://youtu.be/FPdq-QAB-cU. You do not want to be on the beach when there are sets of giant waves coming in.

The movie The Last Wave scared the shit out of me when I was a kid so I would stay far away.

Here in the Southeast, we prefer our oceans flat and our hair wavy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah? Here, hold my beer.