Satellites confirm huge "rogue" waves are for real and not that uncommon!

‘Rogue waves’ reported by mariners get scientific backing

There was an article about this in the July 2004 Discover. Unfortunately it’s available online only to subscribers.

Scary. I can’t even imagine what a 100-foot wave would look like, especially in otherwise calm water.

Time Magazine recently had a story on nutjobs who try to surf waves this size.

20 or 30 years ago the San Diego fishing boad Fishin’ Fool was on a two day trip and anchored for the night not far off the Mexican coast down around Ensenada along with some other boats a few miles away.

In the morning all that was sticking up out of the water was about 10 ft. of its prow, upside down. The theory was that a rogue wave had done the job. I forget how many survivors made it to shore but it wasn’t many.

I was afraid somebody would have already posted this. I’m somewhat disappointed that no one did.

The rogue waves are the result of the children of Mother Hydra and Father Dagon rising to drag the land back beneath the waves. Soon, the stars will be right.

Cthulu waits and dreams in the deep! And the cities of man shall fall before him!

The Jaws isn’t really a rogue wave in the sense the OP describes. Jaws and other monster waves like it can be predicted to a certain degree, enough to the point where the big wave surfing community goes chasing them all over the Pacific year after year.

BTW, those big waver surfers are really a breed apart. They have their own specialized equipment, techniques and tactics that involve a lot of trust and teamwork. Plus, if you screw up on the Jaws, there’s a real possibility that you’re gonna die out there.

30 foot waves I’ve seen. 30 metre waves I cannot even begin to imagine.