Point of Order in re MPSIMS v Cafe Society

I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Cafe Society is the place to post original poetry, but after searching ATMB for Cafe Society and reading about a dozen threads, I can’t find it again and must assume that either I have a false memory, or it was in some other forum, or something else. In any case, where ought we to post original literature? Or ought we not to post it at all?

In TEEMINGS. Send it to Eutychus55. That way, you get to keep the copyright.

You post your original poetry in Cafe Society, I’m gonna copy it out and mail it to all the best magazines under MY name. And when those checks start pouring in, boy, I won’t even drink your HEALTH with all the Champagne I’m gonna get me.

Man, never trust a man with a ukelele. Those things make one positively Machiavellian.

Thanks, Uke. That’s what I’ll do.

Nero - I can picture with a fiddle.
David - yeah, I can see him with a harp.

Machiavelli with a ukelele ----- just can’t see that.

**Screech, **it’s no more improbable than Clinton with a saxophone. Hey, maybe he should look into that since he can’t work as a lawyer for the next five years…

But, if the advertising industry has taught us anything, it this: If it rhymes, it must be true!

I thought they taught that in law school. :slight_smile:

“If it doesn’t fit, you MUST aquit!” --Johnny Cochrane

I thought they taught that in law school. :slight_smile:

“If it doesn’t fit, you MUST aquit!” --Johnny Cochrane



If I were making 200k a year for doing nothing, I wouldn’t have to practice law either.

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Crud, that just makes things worse.

Good job, DaveW - YOU are the reason the baords are screwy: ya made the hijack thing worse. :wink:

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