Pointing out that Art History isn't exactly a useful degree is threadshitting?

We have a new poster, who is in Paris studying Art History. I was modded for pointing out it wasn’t exactly a degree you’ll have a lot of marketable skills with.

Link to the thread. Post #4 is the steaming pile.

Why on earth would you think it’s not?

One- you’re wrong. There are a tremendous number of marketable skills that any liberal arts education will provide. In addition, there are careers based in art history, and while some may be esoteric, they’re no more esoteric than many fields that require specialized knowledge. Just because you’re unfamiliar with the career path doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Second- it wasn’t a thread asking for opinions on the validity of her degree. She was introducing herself in a welcome thread and that uninformed, negative critique of her undergrad major was the sum-total of what you contributed in that post. Not even a “hello” or “welcome”.

Finally- the swipe about being a barista was an ignorant comment and rude. Many college grads work jobs like that to earn money for grad school or while doing low-paying or unpaid internships. In the art world that’s exactly what you need to do to get opportunities. It was a rude shot at a perfectly legit situation that many college grads find themselves in.

Your post would have been perfectly appropriate, if the OP had asked for feedback on her life choices. Of course, you pointed that out in a MPSIMS thread that was essentially, “hi, how are you all doing?” Clear threadshit in that thread.

Guess telling “friends” bard truths is frowned on here. Good to know.

Yes, you were threadshitting. Your first couple of posts were just rude, and I don’t think you would have appreciated someone delivering “advice” in that kind of tone in one of your threads about your education and career plans.

Yeah, starting out with a BA in History is totally a dead end. :rolleyes:

She wasn’t your friend.

Offering unsolicited negative personal comments is generally rude.

Your “truth” was wrong.

Even if that had been appropriate for the thread, telling her she was bound to become “a barista” was a rather obnoxious way of putting it.

Given how long you’ve been around, you shouldn’t still be so clueless about inappropriate behavior in particular forums.


What is she supposed to do with your advice? Switch majors? That may not be feasible without paying a lot more money in tuition and adding a year or two to her undergrad. If she has any scholarships, they often don’t apply for super-seniors. You have no idea what she’s doing in terms of internships and other extracurriculars that will make her a more attractive job candidate. All you did was make her feel bad about liking art history. Good job.

We don’t know that he made her feel bad or that he made her stop posting, just for the record. She didn’t seem at all discouraged in her last post. But if you want to give people advice as a teacher or in other contexts, etv78, you do have to do it in the right way. Usually step one of that process involves the other person asking for advice.

Bards are in fact an excellent example of how people can do well out of studying the arts.

I will join this pile on to say that your behavior was really shitty, etv. It would have been appropriate in a IMHO thread where someone was actually soliciting advice. It was very rude in a welcome thread.

You’re gonna ba a teacher. God help those kids.


No doubt about it.

  1. It’s rude. (and arrogant to presume you can offer valid career advice to a person you’ve never met who appears to be successfully pursuing the degree of her dreams)
  2. You did not have nearly enough information to provide meaningful advice, even if solicited.
  3. Your views on the value of an Art History degree are irrelevant and probably wrong.

I don’t know that it was a negative ‘personal’ comment. He wasn’t insulting her, he was calling attention to her career path-not the same thing.
It was ill advised, but, I wouldn’t call it threadshitting, because the attitude doesn’t seem to be there.

It was threadshitting, etv78. It was also a mod note, not a warning. Try to take something away from it and better yourself. That’s all I’m going to say in this forum.