Pokemon Trades and Battles

I think I have a Paras that you could just level up. He’s lvl 16, already has False Swipe, and should learn Spore at 17. My collection of starters is a bit thin* and I don’t have any of the ones you’re looking for. Could you breed a Squirtle or Treecko for the Paras?

*-I do have a nearly complete Pokedex (484/493) on Pearl, but I’d like to do Soul Silver independently. I’m trying to avoid ‘cheating’ by just bringing over everything I need. My rule has been to only bring over Pokemon I could catch or breed myself and no bringing anything over level 30.

I was fortunate to discover that the used copy of FireRed I bought has some very powerful Pokemon caught by the previous owner, and I have every intention of bringing them over!

I’ve brought all my Pokemon to soulsilver. I spent a lot of time building that team.

I can breed you both squirtle and treeko for that paras and for a Pokemon to be named later.

Sounds good. Maybe a Dratini with Extreme Speed? (You can get one after fighting the 8th gym leader, but since they take so long to evolve, maybe you’d appreciate the XP bonus.)

Bricker Jr’s friend code for HeartGold is: 1591 7229 0498

He is available now.

Actually, scratch the Dratini. I guess I don’t have it anymore.

I’ll hop on until about 7. If that’s no good, just give me another time before 8.


How about tomorrow at 7?

Sounds good. I’ll bring a few different Cleffas so he can pick one that suits his needs.
Also, does Jr (or anyone else here) know if there’s anyone in Gold/Silver that will tell you when you’ve maxed out EVs? I think I got 252/252/6 points for my Beldum, but my count might be a bit off and I want to be sure before I start levelling it.

Another EV question- Does a Pokemon holding the Exp. Share still get the EVs from battle? I’m pretty sure they do, and this page seems to back that up saying this about the Generation I games:

That implies that all the games after Red/Blue/Yellow do give EVs with the Exp. Share. I’m suspicious, though, because the level ups I’m getting through the EV training seem to barely be increasing my Sp. Atk, which is one of the stats I’m building. (Fighting Unown for Atk/Sp. Atk in the Ruins of Alph should give 1 EV for each stat, or 2 EV each with the Pokerus virus.) Beldum doesn’t have great Sp. Atk, but I’ve only gained 16 points in 14 levels, which seems low for a stat I’m focusing on.

(After a deeper look, the stat gain seems reasonable, since Beldum is really bad at Sp. Atk until it evolves, and even then Metang isn’t too good until it becomes Metagross. I still would like confirmation on the Exp. Share from anyone that knows, though.)

Here’s another article about EVs. I’d summarize it for you but I honestly don’t understand it too well.

What levels are the Pokemon on your team?

I asked Bricker Jr this question. He’s just now waking up, and is still a bit loopy, but he says “Tell him you can get the effort ribbon from a woman in a house in Black Thorn city, in the same house where you trade Dragonair for Dodrio.”

Does that answer your question?


Also you should be using the “Macho Brace.” So if you have the virus (!?!) you double the 2 points you get in each stat to 4 for each Unknown fought.

ETA: also something about the difference between effort point and effort values. Didn’t quite get it.

Most of the ones I use are right around lvl 50. A few are lower since I just brought them in to take on the next gym (next up is poison, so my Golem and Steelix are barely at 40), while a few that I use often are bulked up (Alakazam, Tyranitar, Machamp, and Magnezone are absolute beasts.)

The linked article is a lot more useful than the Bulbapedia one. I haven’t EV trained since Ruby/Sapphire first came out, so I’ve pretty much forgotten everything in my senescence. :wink:

That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks! I forgot about the Macho Brace, so hopefully that will save a few hours of tedium the next time I work on EVs. As for the virus, its more like a cold virus (albeit a comic book one that grants super powers) than a computer virus. Pokemon in the wild have an incredibly low chance to be infected, much lower than the chance to find a shiny Pokemon, and it can then spread to others in your party by being nearby in battle. Nowadays, it isn’t hard to find an infected Pokemon thanks to GTS, so its a pretty standard thing to infect whoever you plan on training to save a bunch of time.

Also, I think I know the difference between effort points and values, I was just being imprecise. But if its something not-obvious that he thinks I’m missing, I’d be glad to be corrected.

I’m a more casual Pokeplayer so I don’t have anything all that special or legendary, but if anyone needs anything from Diamond, I’m up for a trade. I can post my friend code when I get home.

I could actually use a lot of the more common Pokemon from earlier games on Silver. Right now I’m looking for a couple of Wurmples, preferably lvl 1. I’ve got a ton of Luvdisc and Cubone if those interest you; if not tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have any.

I’ve just checked and my Wurmple is evolved, but I’m sure I can get a few. Let me work on that this weekend. I can also offer other common stuff or even a Stunky if you need that. I’d love a Cubone or a Luvdisc.

My friend code is: 1548 7845 2648

Do you know much about breeding? (The Pokemon kind, of course. :wink: ) If you have a female of the evolved version, just leave it at the Pokemon Daycare in Solaceon Town with a male Pokemon of the same egg group. For Beautifly and Dustox, just about any Bug-type will do. If the evolved version is male, you’ll need a Ditto to leave it with. Talk to the old man in front of the Daycare every hundred steps or so and eventually he’ll give you an egg. Eggs hatch after a certain number of steps*, depending on the species, but Bug-types tend to hatch pretty quickly. You can also reduce the number of steps by half by having a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability in your party (Slugma, Magcargo, or Torkoal are good choices).

If you want to get serious about breeding, you’ll need a Ditto, but I’ve got a spare you can have. I need to get a few decent Poison-type, so maybe you can trade the Stunky for one.

So, tentatively, how does this sound?

*-The best place to walk around is right outside the Daycare. There’s a long path that extends from Route 210 in the north, through Solaceon Town, and down to Route 209 in the south just past the ghost tower. If you look at the dirt path running through town, the line extends from the far right portion. The fifth square from the left, if you prefer. You’ll need to ride your bike, since there are some slopes you’ll need to ride up and down, but the bike makes things go much faster anyways.

He’s on (and going downstairs!).

Also:turn on voice chat please.

I’ve done some breeding, but it’s been pretty hit and miss. I checked out my Beautifly and Dustox and as luck would have it both were male. Fortunately finding an appropriate female wasn’t a problem. I now have two baby 1st level Wurmples for you as well as a Stunky around level 19 or so.

Sounds good to me. I suggest a trade Sunday evening, say around 7:00 EST. I’ll check the thread before then, by my weekend is weirdly scheduled and that’s the first time I’m pretty sure I’ll be available.

Sounds good. The Luvdisc are lvl 20 and the Cubone are 10-15, but I can get a lvl 1 if you’d like. Probably not worth it with the Luvdisc*, since they’re really only good for filling out the Pokedex, but Cubone/Marowak is a decent Ground-type with some unique moves that you might want to raise from scratch.

ETA- When caught in the wild, Luvdisc often carry Heart Scales for the move re-learner. That’s probably the only reason anyone cares about them. In fact, that’s why I have so many. The other day was a Luvdisc swarm and I grabbed 15 Heart Scales if you need one.