Pokemon Trades and Battles

Instead of hijacking boytyperanma’s thread, here’s the place to swap friend codes and trade or battle for the DS Pokemon games. All of the games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Soul Silver/Heart Gold) can interact with each other, so if you or your child wants something, it can probably be arranged.

Use this thread to tell others what you’re looking for, to work out trading details, and anything else related to the games.

Here’s my response to BrickJr from the other thread-

Kids these days! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve only had it a week though, so I don’t feel too bad.

I’m trying to avoid abusing my huge collection from Diamond/Pearl so I don’t have too many valuable Pokemon yet, but that also means I’m up for nearly any trade.

I just grabbed a Clefairy from GTS the other day, so I’ll breed a Cleffa. (Looking for a particular nature or is it just for evolution to fill out the Pokedex?) I’m working on getting starters right now, so a Chikorita or any Hoenn starters would be great. I’d also be willing to trade my Lugia for a Ho-Oh or another Lugia.

My friend code is 4813 0487 9145 for Soul Silver
Thursday or Friday afternoon/evening is best for me, but if BrickJr is out of school, I don’t mind doing things earlier in the day.

I am so subscribing to this thread.

I avoided the Poke-madness for years. Years. And then a couple months ago, I was coming back from San Francisco and had a long layover. In the airport, I stopped at one of the little movie and video game stores to see if they had anything entertaining for my DS.

Ohhh, boy.

I picked up Pokemon Platinum, thinking it would be good to waste a few hours.

I have a thing where I need to collect all of a group of things when I only have part of them, so now, in an effort to 'Catch ‘Em All’, I own Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen. :smack:


It’s a shame you missed the original Red and Blue. I wish I still had my retro-ish manual for that. Brings back memories man. Memories of simpler times. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s in school through next Friday, and then immediately goes into day camp next week.

Why don’t we try for Thursday evening? I’ll ask him if what he’s got to offer for your Cleffy-thingy.

You and my son both!

Although he’s had to wrestle with the decision to use his DSiXL, because he loves the size and additional functionality, but hates the lack of a second slot to play the GBA games. He’s got a system now where he’s switching back to the old DS to copy Pokemon from FireRed and LeafGreen (apparently you are limited to six per day per game).

Does he have any “shiny” Pokemon? L is all agog about these as of late. Of course, I realize that the asking price for a shiny Pokemon of any variety would probably involve “your mortal soul” as part of the deal, but as L says, it never hurts to ask…

Indeed. And I’m honestly on the verge of picking up a second DS (used, of course) so I can transfer Pokemon amongst my own DS games.

The reason I missed out on them, mainly, is that I have a very poor track record with handhelds. I just never sustained much interest in them. I skipped the GameBoy and GameBoy Color… got a GBA and then upgraded to the GBA SP, but they just ended up gathering dust.

The DS seems to have bucked the trend.

What frustrated me early on was that my gaming friends just dismissed Pokemon as just a childish game with little to offer older people. The thing is, though, that they’re extremely well designed games that, if you dropped all the ‘kiddy’ baggage, would be recognized as the really high quality RPGs that they are. The Pokemon series has excellent customization, of course, but also manages to pull off a great balance between the tedium of levelling up and the rewards thereof.

Sounds good. After taking a look, I could use Sinnoh fire and water starters in addition to Chikorita and the Hoenn starters. So any of those would be great.

I have a shiny Gyarados and Palkia (it cost me a lvl 100 Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, but it looks awesome!). I’ll trade the Gyarados for just about any legendary, but the Palkia will cost you.

To be fair, Heart Gold and Soul Silver both have one shiny Gyarados appearing automatically that you can catch, so they aren’t impossibly rare. If he plans on getting those games, it might be best to just wait, rather than giving something valuable for them. Since each game has only one, I think its fair to treat it like a legendary when trading.

I agree about customization. Just reading the manuals that come with the game wouldn’t make it incredibly obvious but based on how you raise your pokemon you can wind up with wildly different stat sets. My level 50 pikachu might be far stronger, faster or tougher than your level 50 pikachu, for example- to speak nothing of the different movesets they’d have. There are pages upon pages upon pages of information online regarding the ways you can customize your guys. When I first started playing it was pretty overwhelming but now I find it one of the most satisfying parts of the game. It really does feel as if the pokemon you’ve raised are yours and unique.

I think it’s got more fiddly bits than the majority of RPGs, if you count breeding and ‘training’ for optimal Pokemon. How am I suppose to properly maximize IVs and EVs that I can’t even seeeeeee?

I believe L has the shiny Gyarados already. Over the weekend I overheard her–L is a she–talking about breeding it so she had a chance at a shiny Magikarp. Apparently breeding a shiny Pokemon with a plain Pokemon gives you a one-in-50 chance at getting a shiny baby. This gave me a chance to talk to L about probability and chance, but it also guaranteed that L is going to breed those Gyaradoses till they drop. Poke-Viagra, anyone?

Yes… Bricker Jr once spent a weekend battling Starlys, only, so he would have a speedier Gyrados, in what he called “EV training.”

My son says there is a way to figure out what the IVs are when you first catch a Pokemon, and all the EVs are zero. Then you just train up the EVs you want. Also, if I remember corrcetly, there was some trick involving berries to change some EVs.

Bricker, is “Bricker Jr” a cover for your love of Pokemon? :wink:

That’s correct. But I think that’s a level of fiddly bits beyond what I want to consider.

No, no – I admit to a fascination with the game, but it’s more vicarious than actual.

And in case my word isn’t convincing, MeDrewNotYou has actually battled Bricker Jr ovr WiFi, complete with voice chat… so he can readily attest to Bricker Jr’s interest and existence…

Good enough for me!

Hehehehe. Your secret is safe with me. :wink:

Seriously, though, BrickJr is a great kid. Smart, funny, and really nice to boot. (He let me borrow his Deoxys to get the Pokedex entry for nothing!)

Duke- No problem. If she’s interested in the Palkia, let me know what kind of legendary Pokemon she has, especially the ones distributed by events and not catchable in-game.

My friend code is: 1892 3407 1569

I am looking for a mudkip, chikorita, and a totodile. I have all the other starters that can be traded. I am sorely lacking in legendaries. I could also use a parasect with false swipe and spore.

I have a level 65ish team I have never battled but I think it may be fun. There is one maybe overused on the team, no ubers.

Can you believe it has been nearly a year since the last Pokemon thread?