Anyone still player Pokemon Go?

My daughter just started playing again. Its a bonding experience for us and it gives me an excuse to get her out of the house and walking.

Right now both of us need three new friends to complete our field research. Let me know your game names if you want to help out.

I’m shocked to admit that I’m still pretty hooked on this game this long after it debuted.

You guys are more than welcome to add me as a friend. I’m very good at sending gifts and opening ones I receive (a lot of players ignore the gift feature). My game name is literally a bunch of random letters.

Here’s my friend code: 2042 1209 0001

The lil’wrekker and her boyfriend play it, still. They’re coming up on being 20yo. From what I gather it’s still pretty big at the University they attend.

around here the early adopters still play it but in spurts ……the experienced players who already been playing for a couple of years and already have most of the base game finished tend to come out for the updates with new pokemon … play until they finish them and then wait for the next big update ……

Just sent my trainer code as a PM (I’m skittish about having such information just wandering around). Game name is the same as my Doper name with my birth year tacked on.

I just sent the two requests from me. You should be getting another from my daughter.

Need one more.

PM sent.

I’m still playing every day: 7240 6643 5798

It’s a pretty good game, gets me out and about and catching the pokemon, and getting into the raids.

I’m still playing Pokemon Go because I need a lot of Meltan candies to evolve my Meltan into Melmetal including the shiny ones.

I just sent out some friend requests. My trainer code is 5485 1625 1694.

My code is 801211435361. I go through phases of not playing, but I am right now.

My kids and I still play. Just lost a raid yesterday, as a matter of fact.

4395 4518 1869

Let’s play!! :slight_smile:

Me, the wife and a couple of the kids played a lot when it first came out, but we were driving around too much just to play the game and I had to put my foot down. It’s become popular at my son’s HS recently so he started playing again, and so I installed it again to help him on raids and such.

It’s a better game now, I like the goals and what have you. Too many Pokemon though and I’m still a little confused on the what type fights what type better. I play very casually and not everyday.

(and I’m about to add the last three posters to complete a couple of them goals)

Is it still a horrible battery suck? I installed it shortly after it debuted, but deleted it a few weeks later because I was tired of it draining my battery so quickly. I noticed that it drained so fast that it depleted the battery even with the charger plugged in.

It seems better to me, but that might be because phone batteries have got better and I have a newer phone.

Bumping because I just sent out a couple of friend requests.

FWIW, I’ve never had a problem with battery drain because of this game. I’m using a Motorola Android, so maybe that’s the difference?

The battery drain problem has been well documented. Apparently, the developers knew it would be an issue from the start.

Another cite:

I turned off AR and used battery saving mode, but it still caused my battery to drain even when plugged in.

If I leave it running all the time, it can run down my battery. It’s noticeable but not a deal breaker for me. I’ll have to charge every night, instead of every other or so.

Bumping this again.

After not playing for a long time I decided to start again. I’ve been rehabbing after surgery and walking a lot. Gives me something to pass the time. I do like some of the improvements since the last time.

Just like the last time I posted I need a new friend for field research. Anyone still playing?

You can add me, if you like:

0698 7717 5493