Is anyone else here playing Pokemon Go

If so, I want to be your friend :bats eyelashes: I’m going for that sweet distance trading badge! And yeah, we won’t be able to actually trade, but what hatches from the eggs we get from one another are considered “caught” from whatever pokestop the gift came from.

I’m a fairly active PoGo player, but any eggs we get from each other will be pretty close range (unless you’ve moved). I’d be happy to add you, though, if you PM me a code. (I do have a fair number of pokemon from Finland to trade with someone, though.)

PM me a code, we have a fair bit of geography in between.

yeah…most of us are 12 yrs old here…



ThisSpaceForRent, I’m trying to come up with some interpretation of that post that’s not a crude and insulting threadshit. I’m failing. If there is some such interpretation, please clarify. If there is not, then knock it off. If you have no interest in the topic, then the simple solution is to not open the thread.

I’m curious, I played this game a lot years ago but I basically forgot about it. Have there been many changes in the last few years? I remember catching Pokémon and then competing at gyms and that’s pretty much it, have they added anything since then?

I’m not sure what all was implemented when you stopped, but here are some things that might be new to you:

  1. Cooperative raids at gyms now, including raids against powered-up legendary pokemon, with as many as 20 people in a raid group. Defeating the raid boss earns the raiders a chance to catch it.

  2. Research missions, which set various challenges for minor rewards.

  3. Special research, in which you complete a series of sets of tasks along a mini-storyline in order to encounter special pokemon that are otherwise not available, like Mew.

  4. Trading with friends.

  5. PvP duels against friends, with some new combat mechanics.

  6. Duels against the three team leaders, using the PvP mechanics.

Ultimately, it’s still all about collecting them all, but there are more ways to do that (and more to collect). There’s still no actual story mode, and at this point, I don’t expect there will be. (Though I think the duel mechanics open the way for one.)

I used to play up until last summer, when Walking Dead: Our World was released. I like that game a lot better since it gives team objectives and you can chat with team-mates to coordinate. Pokemon Go always felt weirdly isolated despite the large number of players. Anyway, if I can remember my login I’ll send a gift from Scandinavia, that should be far enough away for any badge.