Pole vault world record broken

French pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie sets a new world record of 6.16 m (20’ 2.5").

This breaks a 21-year-old record of 6.15 m set by Sergey Bubka - which was the first pole vault over 20’.

Was this part of the Winter Olympics? Why would a track and field event be held now?

There are track meets held year round.

This actually broke two of Bubka’s records, the outdoor @ 6.14 (1994) and indoors @6.15 (1993)

ETA: This particular competition is an indoor vaulting meet started and run by Bubka. Pole Vault Stars

Video of this feat:


Renaud did it in Sergei Bubka hometown of Donetsk in Ukraine.

Bubka that had the record until today was cheering him on and Bubka shook hands with the new record holder after his celebration.