Police clear car dealership of birds by shooting them

Seagulls shot! Southgate police clear abandoned dealership of birds by shooting them
Southgate Public Safety Director: ’ We cannot take out more than 500 seagulls’

I find this ridiculous and part of What Is Wrong With America.
Detroit has been in financial trouble for years, but instead of creative thinking or seeking outside help, they’ve just decided to spend money and hope that works.

I have two words for whatever idiot is in charge these days. Depredation Permits!
That’s right! Instead of paying cops overtime and buying cases of shotgun shells, charge the local populace to take care of the problem. Two birds with one stone if you will!

“We can’t shoot more than 500 seagulls”? Maybe you can’t, but plentyof us can!

What? Don’t like the idea of gunshots and some steel shot raining down for blocks around? Don’t worry! There’s plentyof room, and the usual background noise of Detroit is gunshots anyway, amiright?

I do feel for the snipers over the wingshooting crowd a bit, and a suppressed .22 sitting in various spots around the site would have a field day. I’d pay a hundred bucks an hour for the chance, and I promise no one would ever knowI was there!

Let’s think outside the box, people. Hell, down in Louisiana, theSWAT teamtakes care of pests. It’s a start, but I think we can do better!

C’mon Detroit - make a Dearborn Heights kid proud again.

I say out up a sign advertising the All Natural Skeet Club, sell memberships and let the people have at the critters.


What? :smiley:


Nice post, now I have to go buy more guns. I have to get one of those silent .22s


There’s a lot of ways to do it.

Most folks start with a .22, because it’s the quietest and easiest round to suppress.
A screw on suppressor will fit whatever pistol or rifle you want to thread, so that’s the most common .22. You can use one suppressor on many guns.

A bolt-action or lever action will be quieter than a semi-auto because the ejection port will leak some noise. Using subsonic ammo, there are air rifles that are louder.

If you’re ok with a dedicated gun/suppressor, an integral suppressor offers the most sound reduction possible. Couple with a bolt action, and you only hear a click of the hammer.
You’d be surprised how quiet a .45 can be; it’s subsonic already, and technology these days is great.

Two places to start research are Silencer Talk which is free, and Silencer Research which has some free information but is a pay site.

Start looking at ST and you’ll learn everything you need to.

It’s not the cheapest hobby around, but it’s manageable!

Or, hire some kids, & give them hunting slingshots.
Those are ample to kill birds.