They shoot ducks don't they?

I can understand shooting rabbits, wild cats, foxes, wild horses, kangaroos and pigs for fun - animals that can be pests. But shooting ducks - whats all that about?

Gee, the ducks are pretty bad - time to get out the shottie.

Are there parts of the world that have duck problems?

Well, people eat duck.

It’s a sport, and you eat them.

The East River just north of LaGuardia Airport. :dubious:

Really? How odd.

Yes, in the 24th and 1/2 century.

Doesn’t the shot tenderise them a bit much?

With a 24.5C style energy beam pistol.

Rabbit Season!

No, with a disintegrator gun. And boy when it disintegrates, it really disintegrates.

From this site:

Aah, you think. That sounds nice. Then you read the next paragraph:

oh. That’s a shame. Could you maybe not have shot them?

But are they pests? And are the geese eaten (by people)?

Certainly not pests. And the eaten ones get grown in special farms, I would think. They don’t need to shoot wild ones to feed the food industry. Geese are pretty easy to keep - like big hens really.

Wait. What?

Like any herbivore in areas where natural predators are reduced or absent, if they become too numerous, they can cause problems by overgrazing.

Here’s a case of overgrazing by a wild horse herd.

In Australia, where the post is coming from, the problem isn’t that they overgraze. The problem is that the continent has no native hoofed herbivores. Even at densities where they pose absolutely no threat of overgrazing they are prone to causing problems due to soil compaction, erosion and disease transmission. A single horse is probably too numerous to be sustainable in a conservation area in Australia.

Hm. Well how 'bout that.

(I had assumed that the solution to “too many wild horses” wouldn’t be to shoot them, but to relocate them somehow. But I guess in some ecosystems, you gotta do what you gotta do.)

At the range that ducks are hunted, they only get hit by 3 or 4 shot, hardly makes a mess at all.

Relocate them where? Wild horses are, well, wild. The world already has too many horses so they have no economic value and there is quite a cost involved in live capture and transport of these animals even if you do have somewhere to relocate them to, and who pays that cost?

The fact is that whether we are talking about sparrows or horses or elephants, in most cases when there are to many of them the only sensible solution is to shoot them. There simply isn’t the money to move them and even if there were there is nowhere to move them to.

Yes, although they can be greasy.