Police Search for Moron


Dude, your village called…

Too easy.

Although the article won’t load for me, Google shows another source’s story headline as, “Moron on the Loose.”

I’ve never understood why people with ridiculous names like that don’t change them. There’s just no way I’m going through life with “Moron” as a surname.


I went to college with a guy whose first name was, I swear to Og, “Dork.” His last name indicated that he was of Armenian descent, so I had to assume that it was a traditional and/or family name.

He was really good-looking, and we went out on a date one night, but I just COULD NOT see myself with someone with that name. Especially if I ended up using that name in certain relationship-type situations :smiley:

Well, that’s a case of the title telling you exactly what you’re getting in the book.

Unsurprising that this guy ends up at odds with society.

It’s a not uncommon surname in Spanish. However, it is accented on the second syllable so it is pronounced differently.

I knew a guy named Dumbbell once, and wondered why he didn’t change it.

I don’t know why they’re searching for this particular Moron. I do know the locations of several morons, if a generic moron will do.

Yeah, you’d think it wouldn’t take any special skills to come up with a Moron.

Yeah,something normal like Dick Hertz

Not true at all. Just as uncommon, and carrying just as negative implications, in hispanophone communities (mostly throughout the Americas).

A very minor point, but worth correcting. I live in San Antonio (a city with 60%+ Hispanic population), have traveled extensively throughout México and Spain, and have a Masters in Spanish language. And I’ve never, ever met anyone with “Morón” or any variation thereof as any part of their name. (And even if my personal observations wouldn’t suffice, consider the RAE’s definition of the word.)

Carry on.

</asshole pedantry>

It’s pronounced “More-own”!!

I wish I’d seen this thread before Autolycus. Now, all I can do is: