Policy on witnessing

After some debate the management has decided to establish a new policy for “witnessing” (religious proselytizing), which attempts to balance the following considerations:

(1) Free speech is good.

(2) A lot of SDMB members (and some SDMB staff) would sooner put up with suppertime telemarketing calls than submit to witnessing.

(3) We don’t want to come across like Nero persecuting the Christians.

So here’s the policy, effective immediately:

a. Proselytizing and religious discussions generally (other than strictly factual inquiries) should be confined to the Great Debates forum. Proselytizing in other forums will be deleted.

b. In the Great Debates forum, proselytizing should be limited to threads started for that purpose or to which a discussion of religion and related matters has some relevance. Proselytizing inserted into inappropriate threads will be deleted. We reserve the right to limit what we consider redundant or excessive posts or threads along these lines.

Hear, hear.

GQ Mod

Hear it here.

Amen to that, brother! Can I get a witness? Praise be!!

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Would this include expressions of religious belief centered on Cecil by his various acolytes ? [Cecilists ? Adamites ?]

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Hail Cecil, full of knowledge…

Or is it “Font of knowledge”

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