Polishing spray paint?

I bought some specific spray paint to refurbish a spare valve/rocker cover I have for the MGB. I sanded it, primed it, and then applied the red paint. The finish isn’t as smooth as I would like. My first thought was to go over it with some steel wool to roughen it up, and then apply another coat. I suspect I’ll still have the overspray issue. My next thought was to get a buffing wheel and some fine polishing rouge and trying to buff it out.

So how do I get a nice, shiny, smooth finish on this painted part?

Use rubbing compound.
Spray, rub, spray, rub, etc. until it’s to the smoothness you desire.
You can use a buffing wheel, but go gently, or you will cut through the paint.

I do have a bottle of rubbing compound and some rags…

I’m not a painter, but on the bike forum I go to the guys do home painting with spray cans, and treat it like real paint.
Sand it, rubbing/polishing compound, clear coat…the whole nine yards, and it looks great.

Good luck.:cool:

I found my buffing wheel and some rouge, but I can’t find my nearly-full bottle of rubbing compound. :rolleyes:

The surest way to find it would be to buy a new bottle.