Political Correctness Question

Can we refer to vampires and zombies “Undead” or do we have to use “Alternatively Animated” or “Vitality Challenged” now?

lol… :slight_smile:

From the TV movie Blood Ties:

“Vampire is such an ugly word! Don’t let me hear you say that again. We’re Carpathian-Americans!”

Depends on the ethnic origin of the vampire. I have no idea about zombies.

I guess “Soulless Scum from the pits of Hell” is right out?

Zombies are not undead. They are very much dead and continue to rot.

Perhaps ‘life challenged?’

People of pallor?

Are you confusing zombies and ghouls?

Consider the picket line in front of your home and where you work if you start using language like that. And of course, they’ll probably have an Al Sharpton sort leading the protests.

“WTF is this shit???” - Jean-Luc Picard :smack:

They should properly be referred to as “the differently extant” but I still call them “the quick and the dead.”

Do zombies much care what we call them? Isn’t the classic zombie rather incapable of saying anything other than “BRAAAAAAAINS”?