Political Dinner Party-Topic Ideas?

Four years ago, my partner and I hosted a dinner party the Saturday night before the election. He (democrat) and I (libertarian-ish) invited friends and family from the political spectrum; my parents and step-brother, republicans, and our friends who were a mix of a green, two swings, and a communist. It was a 7 course meal and with each serving we’d introduce a new topic. I’d give a brief introduction that was written as non-partisan as possible and then we’d go through the group with everyone giving a quick opinion about the subject first and then open it up for discussion. The food was great (my parents even brought a donkey and elephant decorated cake), all of the people were very respectful to everyone elses’ opinions. It was such a fun time that we’ve decided to make it a tradition.

The planning is starting for this term’s meal. What should the topics be?
I’ve come up with a couple ideas so far:

Stem Cells.
War on Terror.
Marriage amendment.

(Mods, this thread isn’t intended to debate the topics, only to suggest which topics should be important. But please move this thread if need be :D)

Education. (charter schools, vouchers, testing)

Health care
Animal rights
Child support
Governmental/public support for the arts
Compulsory school attendance/home schooling

Provided it’s not a 7 course vegetarian meal, you’ll get the best impact during either the faux gras appetizer of veal roast main course.

With guests spanning @ least one generation; (you=>parents) - It might be interesting to get opinions on social security, medicare/presciption drugs, the greatest leader in your lifetime or the affects of pop culture on society.

Either that, or heed the old Tip O’Neill observation: “All politics is local.”