Political Extremists and Free Materials

Is it just me or are political extremnists of various stripes (Marxist, fascist, anarcho-capitalist etc.) more likely to have all sorts of their writings available for free compared to your latest ghost-written book by a politician or a talk show host?

For example see this massive online Marxist archivehttp://marxists.org or this Austrian school/anarcho-capitalist/Libertarian one:https://mises.org/Literature

Maybe you should try reading through the basics, at least. I’d be surprised if anarchists and marxists recognize any copyright.

Because they want their work to get as big an audience of possible and don’t care about making money from it. Giving things away means people will pick it up and look at it and you may find someone who’s convinced. Paying for it means that there is a hurdle to spreading the message.

Probably because they’re all dead and out of copyright, unlike chat-show hosts who probably aren’t dead or out of copyright. Is this really a serious question?

Nooooooot necessarily.

Web archives like marxists.org have a lot of works that are valuable resources for reference or study and which aren’t readily available elsewhere in print. On the other hand, marxists haven’t stopped writing and it is a way for people who are active in a party to bring in funds that political parties in this day and age need to operate. Hence publishing houses like Haymarket Books.

Giving things away doesn’t necessarily mean people will look at it, either. Anecdotes != data, of course, but at large demonstrations in DC where the ISO sold our paper in comparison with other parties who just passed theirs out to every passerby, we found a lot more of the other parties’ papers we did of Socialist Worker littering the ground. Getting people into a conversation where their interest in actually picking up a copy of SW for a buck worked a lot better than just standing there and holding a copy out for the next person to take.

A lot of these have not had their copyrights expired-for example Murray Rothbard wrote a lot of stuff in the last few decades.