Political quiz for fun

This is a short quiz that asks you questions on various political issues and then gives you a percentage match with the presidential candidates. I took if for fun and it says I should probably vote for Kerry, and I agree, given there are only two viable choices.


Apparently I’m supposed to vote for some guy named Joe Lieberman. I haven’t seen his name in the press lately, so I’ll fall back to my second option, Howard Dean. Kerry & Bush were tied for third.

Lieberman: 45%. (Personal 55%; Economic 35%)
Dean: 43%. (Personal 50%; Economic 35%)
Kerry: 38%. (Personal, 40%; Economic: 35%)
Bush: 38%. (Personal: 35%; Economic: 40%)

I came up as a Kerry proponent, with Nader a strong second :eek:

  1. Kerry 53% (75 personal/30 economic)

  2. Moseley-Braun 50% (60/40)

  3. Nader 45% (65/25)

Last place, Bush 15% (20/10)

Who is “Simon Ritchie” and why should I vote for him?

I’m a canuck but I did it anyhow,

  1. Al Sharpton 65%
  2. John Kerry 63%
  3. Ralph Nader 58%
  4. Dennis Kucinich 55%
  5. David Cobb 53%

The Bottom Dwellers

Dick Cheney 15%
George W Bush 15%
Michael Peroutka 13%

FYI, I voted for the Green party in canadian federal election.

Peroutko 43%
Badnarik 38%
Bush 33%

Kerry 18%

Camejo 0%

43% is my top match…why bother voting?

Kerry at 48% is my highest match, Al Sharpton(!?) is number two at 45%, and at 23%, Bush is my third lowest.

Bob Graham is a 50% match, bot economically and personally. Of course, the point is really moot because
a) Graham dropped out of the race nearly a year ago and
b) It won’t be legal for me to vote for another two years.

My highest match is only 33%, for Nader. The site says “You have a poor match with Nader. Unless you particularly like his character and background, you should vote for another candidate.” Actually, none of the subscores for any candidate were even above 40%. So I guess I should just not vote for anybody.

Both Bush and Kerry were at 25% or lower.

According to this, I don’t agree with anyone. Still, I know where my vote’s going, and it ain’t Nader.

38% Howard Dean, Governor (D,VT)-withdrew from Dem. Primary Feb.'04
35% Ralph Nader, Reform Party nominee for President
35% Bob Graham, Senator & Governor (D, FL)-withdrew Oct.2003
33% David Cobb, Green Party nominee for President
33% Carol Moseley-Braun, Senator (D, IL)-withdrew from Primary Jan.'04
33% Wesley Clark, General-withdrew from Democratic primary Feb.'04
30% Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Party nominee for President
30% John Kerry, Senator (D, MA) and Presidential nominee
30% Dick Gephardt, Representative(D,MO)-withdrew from Primary Jan.'04
30% John Edwards, Senator (D, NC) and Democratic V.P. nominee
28% Al Sharpton, Reverend-lost nomination July 2004
28% Dennis Kucinich, Representative (D, OH)-lost nomination July 2004
20% Peter Camejo, Reform Party nominee for Vice President
18% Michael Peroutka, Constitution Party nominee for President
18% Joe Lieberman, Senator (D, CT)-withdrew from Dem. Primary Feb.'04
18% Dick Cheney, Vice President and Republican nominee
13% George W. Bush, President and Republican nominee

I’m a canuck too and I got
1.Al Sharpton 70%

Maybe he should run up here? He certainly is a lot more entertaining than any party leader we have now.

Kerry is my highest match (48%), with Bush falling into 9th place with 35% (behind Al Sharpton and others).

Cheney came in last place (18%), and Edwards swooped into a comfortable 10th place with 33%.

I’m voting for Mickey.

I get 60% for Kerry, followed by Al Sharpton at 52%. Michael Badnarik, whom I figured I’d get, is 48% compatible.

Of course, I don’t put too much stock in this. As with most political questions, I don’t like the way the questions are phrased. They don’t support non-traditional views on specific topics, so you’re forced make one of two decisions on an issue with a number of viewpoints.

It showed me at 45% with John Kerry and Bob Graham, with 43% for Howard Dean (I liked that crazy mofu)

At the bottom were GWB (25%) and some guy named Michael Peroutka (20%). Cheney and Nader were around 30% and 33% respectively.

This was fun. Kerry was my highest match (58%), followed by Dean (55%), Gephardt (53%) and Leiberman (53%).

At the bottom was Bush (25%), Cheney (23%) and that Peroutka guy (20%).

Bush was on top with 45%, then Badnarik on 43%. Kelly was down on 25%. Looks like none of the candidates is a particularly good match for me.

Bush was on top with 45%, then Badnarik on 43%. Kelly was down on 25%. Looks like none of the candidates is a particularly good match for me.

Good thing I go on more than policy. :smiley:

How the blazes did that happen?