poll: arm span vs. height

A photo of my wingspan here. That site has limited upload speed, so please form an orderly queue.

74" -tall
78" -arms

Knuckle dragger skulks away. :rolleyes:

Heigth 70 inches.
Armspan 76 inches.

ALthough I think it has as much to do with wide ass shoulders as long arms.

I see most people here have a slightly larger wingspan than height. Oh well…

height 66"
wingspan 65"

Height: 70.5"
Wingspan: 73.5"

Here- Is “orangutan arms” a racial insult?

Damn, now I can’t claim to have monkey arms anymore. For a while there I was in the lead, but recently like 4 people have a greater difference between wingspan and height than I do.

But as wolfman said, it might have a lot to do with shoulders too. I also have very broad shoulders (for a chick), so it might just be my shoulders, or it could be both.

Actually, if you’re feeling up to it, include a measurement of your shoulders.

So to recap

height: 67.5
wingspan: 71
shoulders: 17

But my arms have to be long too, because I remember when I’d hold hands with my first boyfriend (who was the same height as me) his arm would be straight down but I’d have to bend mine for our hands to be at the same level.