Poll: Best College End of Season Rivalries

Rule #1, (and unenforceable) you cannot vote for the rivalry that includes your favorite team. But I am making the poll public so we know how you voted.

Wait a few minutes for poll:

NFM, you big dumbass!!!

I forgot the one I was going to vote for. Florida/Florida State.

NFM, You are a moron!

Harvard/Yale :smiley: So famous it’s referred to simply as “The Game.”

also forgot Army-Navy and the “Backyard Brawl”, Pitt-WVU.

Close between Michigan/Ohio State and Cal/Stanford. Since that latter was responsible for the greatest final minute in the history of college football(and NOT just the greatest play), it gets my vote.

…now that Nebraska vs. Oklahoma is effectively dead.

You forgot “The Rivalry” between Lehigh and Lafayette. It’s been played since 1884 and is the most-played, longest uninterupted football rivalry in the nation.

The Rivalry pre-dates trophies.

In fact, The Rivalry pre dates the schools themselves, as Lehigh founder Asa Packard partially founded the school to spite the Presbyterians (who ran Lafayette).

I voted for UM-OSU before I read your one unenforceable rule. I went to UM and have had season tickets for several years, so feel free to disqualify my vote.

However, it is still the greatest end-of-season college rivalry of all time, no matter what these silly voting thingamajiggers might tell you.

True, but Cal/Stanford is “The Big Game” which automatically makes it better, plus it has two real football teams not AA wannabes.

The SO went to Cal, so we have ongoing arguments about which is the true “Game.” :smiley:

It depends on whether you are talking about the best rivalry over time of the best rivalry this year (based on rankings). Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are both top 25 teams and that would probably get my vote if it were for this year.

If we are talking long time rivalry match ups, then Michigan- Ohio State and Stanford-Cal would get my votes.

I was going on the rules and not picking my favourite team, USC, even though they are in the greatest rivalry ever with Notre Dame.

Why all the Stanford-Cal love? These teams have rarely if ever been especially good and the conclusion of The Big Game almost never has an impact on the Rose Bowl berth or National Title hopes.

Yeah, it’s a long running a tense rivalry, but the awesomeness of The Play seems to be heavily biasing this discussion. Auburn-Alabama kicks the shit out of The Big Game and I’m not sure that it even passes USC-UCLA in it’s own conference.

Pff. Bedlam.

I vote for Ohio State/Michigan just because it is the only interstate rivalry listed. The others are all INTRAstate games, that generate a lot of local interest and good clean hate in the state where they’re played, but those things don’t necessarily spill out over that state’s borders. The Buckeyes and Wolverines, in contrast, work up most of the populations of two rather populous states.


It’s totally Ohio St. vs. Michigan, but I graduated from U of M, so I can’t vote for them. They are my favorite, anyway.


Totally forgot…



Florida State/Florida (not as much history as some of the above, but damn)

I have to go with Army-Navy. It’s lost a bit of luster for me since it’s not played at the Vet anymore (odd, right?), but the rest of the rivalries for me are based on how the teams are doing in a given year. Being a Hurricanes fan, I have a vested interest in FSU-UF every year, hoping for the team with the worse record to win. The quality of play is usually pretty high, too.

Mad props for acknowledging my Apple Cup with Washington/Washington State. I’ll be there…cold as hell December 4th. But as much as that game means to me I can’t argue it comes anywhere close to Michigan/Ohio State.

I disqualified myself from Florida State/Florida since I went to Florida State and Ohio State/Michigan since I lived in Columbus for much of my life.

I picked Texas/Texas A&M. Hasn’t always been a close game, but the rituals associated with the game are always fun.

I voted “you forgot…” because my team is ND. Even though it’s been one sided lately…

ETA: Wow, didn’t read OP. My bad. In that case, I hate all other rivalries.

As a Spartan fan, I considered myself eligible to vote for U-M v OSU. If I had a second vote, it would be for USC-UCLA.