Michigan vs. Ohio state.

Ahh. official shit talking time is now here. All the preliminaries are over. The big one is on the way. Best. game. ever. Ladies and gentlemen, If I can have your attention, without further ado…

Go Blue!!!
More to follow…

You threw the “sucks” in here just to keep it out of Cafe Society where it belongs, right?

well If this goes anywhere near where I’m expecting, I was saving time by putting it in here to start.

Michigan - good
Ohio State = all things evil and over rated
Just an independent opinion

You mis-spelled “notre dame”.

And the “Best Game Ever” was already played. Vince Young won. :mad:

As the wife and mother of diehard Buckeye fans (yes, Ivylad has corrupted Ivygirl) I must chime in and say Go Bucks!

For some reason, Ivylad doesn’t want to run errands or go window shopping that day. :wink:

He’s been pissed this year since so many of the games have not been shown on regular TV…only PPV.

Speaking as a Spartan, I wish there was some way they could both lose. This will be a game for the ages and the loser I believe should be number two in the country. As much as a rematch for the title would suck, there isn’t a team in the nation that can play with either one of these guys.

That’s just ridiculous. Vanderbilt would beat either of these two teams.

You should move to Ohio.

I can’t escape the damn games! Of course, I married into a family full of Michigan fans, so we only watch the Buckeyes to make fun of them.

Yep, this year’s Game of the Century, coming right up.

[sub]And I agree with the OP completely…GO BLUE![/sub]

That’s really not true, a few teams have played with both Ohio State and Michigan throughout the season. Actually this year’s Ohio State team is the best OSU team I’ve ever seen; but Illinois did only lose to them by 7 and Illinois is, on the balance, not a good team. Other than that Ohio State has been convincingly dominant in every single game.

Is there some way for them both to lose and drop out of the rankings? That’s what I’m hoping for.

Can I just post as one of the few people living in Ohio who could not care less about the game? I’m not really interested in any kind of football, but the game that they call “football” in these parts of the world is not really deservng of the term. (The game that I tolerate most watching is Australian Football, but even watching this year’s grand final on TV, where West Coast 12.13 (85) defeated Sydney Swans 12.12 (84), didnt really excite me all that much).

Go Bucks

Blue Sucks!

Why do you hate America?

Clearly, you haven’t lived here long enough. I really don’t care about sports or football, but after more than 20 years, I’ve resigned myself to a week of unavoidable, extra-fanatical Go Bucks!!!


Guess I was just born that way.

You’re not alone, Giles. I lived in Columbus for a number of years, and other places around Ohio for a total of about 7 years. The thing I liked best about the Ohio State/Michigan game? It was a great time to go shopping. The roads and stores were empty! (I feel the same way about any football game, though, so Ohio State/Michigan fans, I’m not just dissing your teams; I’m dissing all American football teams, at every level.)

I don’t care who wins, as long as the game is a blowout, so we don’t have to sit through a rematch for the national championship game. I can’t decide whether both of these teams are clearly the best two in the nation, or whether they’re both ridiculously overrated because of a pretty terrible Big 10 this year and the terrible schedules they’ve both played. I won’t be able to get the answer to that question if the Nat’l Champ game is a rematch.