Poll: BOOBIES!!!! How do you like em?

Big, Small, soft firm, perky? How do ya like em?

On my chest.

All up in my bidness.

I like em a lot! Which is good, since I have a couple permanently attached to me.

I will answer seriously for ya

small and perky

Seriously, I like them proportionate. I don’t give a fig about big or small, but I don’t like them overly huge. And something about huge ones on a little skinny woman seems odd to me. When they’re big I like a lot of other curves as well. A Kate Winslet type look, for want of a better reference point.

I’ve always preferred the feminine variety. I hope I don’t need to specify those belonging to the same species as myself.

Any way I can get them.

“A boob in the hand is worth two in the blouse.”

I like 'em all, but I have a slight preference for ‘big enough to hold in the hand.’

Within UncleBeer’s stipulations, any which way. My wife’s boobs are wondrously bountiful. A former HS classmate of mine has boobs that are so barely there that her boobs don’t even have the sort of curvature one expects boobs to have (I’m glad skinnydipping was common back in my g-g-generation :)), but I found them extremely erotic, though I never got the chance to do anything about that. And any boobs between those extremes, I’d love to have my face between as well. :slight_smile:

NO NO NO NO NO. You’ve missed the essence of the breast, which is not in their singularity, but rather in their gorgeous variety. What is so wonderful about the breast is that there is not just one (er… two) but they offer so many pleasing and tempting possibilities of size, color, shape, texture, smell, heft, grace, symmetry.

How wonderful, for example, the small, perky breast with long, stiff, red nipples. Or the large, firm, rounded breast, with significant aureola. The active breasts of the morning jogger, or the seductively revealed cleavage of the woman in the black satin dress, standing outside the theater under the marquee’s yellow lights. My wife’s beautiful breasts, soft beneath my head as we pillow towards a lazy afternoon nap. Or the breasts we can’t have, the strangers’, who you see in a diaphanous blouse, far away across the park, backlit by the setting sun, or on the train, the breasts that brush against your arm as you try to disguise your chills.

Um. Breasts.


I like em full. So that if she lays back they still point more-or-less up.

I’ve been thinking about this lately [boobs and their (un)fullnes] and have come to the conclusion that the whole “Britney” thing has come about 1) because she wasn’t in the spotlight when they bloomed and 2) she has the unfull variety that tend to take the shape of their container. So depending on what she wears and how she leans their appearance changes. And I don’t like it that way. I like em full.

I like 'em all, pretty much. I’ve never met a pair I didn’t like.

I must admit, though, to a preference for the itty bitty varietitty.

I found this on the net, and it is kinda like a flash documentary on Britanny’s breast size. Quite Funny!

That’s what gave me the idea for my hypothesis.

I liked mine better about 2 1/2 years ago. After I stopped nursing my 2nd baby they kinda shrunk. Went from a C cup to an A cup. :frowning: I’d get a boob job if I could afford one. Anymore than a mouthful is a waste anyway and hubby likes 'em just fine so I guess that’s all that matters.

In my mouth.

Middle/smallish sized. Too much sag is bad. Perky is good. I have the smaller is better theory because large breasts are a) not as sensative (I’ve heard) and b) I’d think, be more difficult to, ah, work around (people stare, clothing should be selected more carefully, ect) so I like em smaller.

Of course, I am a guy so any woman who wants to poke holes in my theory with firsthand knowledge knock yourself out. (Heehee I said "poke. And “firsthand”. I need to get out more.)

In my hands.