Poll : Bottom Ten! (or, Top ten most hated things)

Over the past few weeks there have been moments when I have added to a mental list of things to hate. So I decided to do a poll about it.
[sub]I can’t see anything sdmb-wrong about doing this so I apologise if there is something fundementally wrong with it.[/sub]

  1. Religous Fundementalism (of all types)

  2. Intrusive/repetitive advertising (popups, spam, TV ads etc…)

  3. Soggy Bread at the edges of a sandwich

  4. Speeders (especially in residential areas)

  5. Manufactured pop bands/music.

  6. Modern art (unless it has some actual artistic value)

  7. The stupid fashion industry (I mean those catwalks where people wear f****g stupid things)

  8. Town/shop crowds (walking with 1000 people - not one of which has a sense of direction)

  9. Obnoxiousness

  10. Not being able to think of 10 things for top-10 polls.

I have nothing nice to say therefore my cat says to say nothing at all.

I do believe certain actresses are fugly and have cooties. I have no idea about their alleged allure to males.

In no particular order:

  1. People who don’t signal for turns and stop suddenly in the middle of the road, then get upset when you honk at them. Do they think I’m psychic? If I was, my limo driver would be honking at them, not me.

  2. Being a 31 year old single woman in a world that seems totally devoid of straight, sane, reasonably attractive, cat-loving men within 5 years of my age. We haven’t had a war recently: where the hell ARE they?

  3. Seeing people’s underwear b/c their pants are slung down so low they barely cover their asses; the corollary to this is people with guts who feel the need to wear half-shirts. Just b/c Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dress like that doesn’t mean you should.

  4. People who talk in the movies. If I wanted to hear you talk… no, wait, I’d NEVER want to hear you talk, and I certainly wouldn’t pay $7 for the privilege in any case.

  5. People who say things like, “It’s a secret between him and I.” Using “I” instead of “me” in all situations will NOT make you sound more intelligent. Anyone who cannot use the objective case of the pronoun correctly should be bludgeoned to death with a copy of Strunk & White.

  6. People who say things suck when what they mean to say is, “I don’t like it.” Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean it sucks. In fact, it MAY mean that you have no taste. Ever consider that?

  7. People who smoke who throw their butts on my sidewalk. These are possibly the same type of people who let their dogs crap all over the place and never pick it up. Or the kids who love to stick their Wrigley’s under their desks so that other kids can get their knees covered in saliva-saturated ABC gum. The earth is not one giant toilet/ashtray. Clean up after yourself. Your mom doesn’t work here.

  8. People who hate cats. Face it: you’re insecure. It’s just a little fuzzball. It can’t hurt you. I could enlarge this to include people who hate snakes, spiders, wolves, etc., esp. when said creatures are out in nature doing their things. Just because you don’t like an animal doesn’t mean it should automatically die to make you feel more comfortable. I could probably further enlarge this to include homophobes, b/c again, what’s it to ya? Live and let live.

  9. Flag sticker, covered in salt, road dirt, and ashes, on the back of a car; a flag, tattered, filthy, drooping, on someone’s porch, or dangling off a bridge. If you’re a patriot, show a little respect, will ya?

  10. George W. Bush. Enough said.

How many positions can “Carrot Top” take up on your list?

  1. Really dumb reality shows (yes, I know that’s redundant) - like the latest from ABC - “Are You Hot?”

  2. The 30,000 pound SUV being used by the 98 pound rich-bitch with too many facelifts to pick up mineral water and sushi and the health-food store. Oh wait, actually I LOVE watching you pump $70.00 worth of gas into that fucking thing!

  3. People who hate motorcycles and motorcyclists - suck my tailpipe.

  4. Those little advertising cards in magazines

  5. AOL (ok, it’s a given, but I couldn’t resist :smiley: )

  6. Homophobes and other people who think their opinons should be taken as the only way to live (or ANY way to live for that matter.)

  7. Ashcroft

  8. Rumsfeld

  9. Ridge

  10. Bush (any of them - take your pick.)

  1. Scrapple

  2. Zealots/extremists/fundamentalists/similarly rigid people.

  3. Having to listen to other people’s cell phone conversations.

  4. The administration at one of my campuses.

  5. Hypocrites (see #4)

  6. Exploitation (of anyone, and see #4 again)

  7. Plagiarism

  8. Bullies

  9. Political correctness

  10. Hot weather in the winter

my #10 is lame. Replace it with: waste (of anything)

  1. Pop-up ads

  2. Rap music in general. Eminem in particular, as well as all of his fans. And let’s not forget the critics who wrote those idiotic articles about how “ground-breaking” and “talented” he was.

  3. Letters to the editor written by people who obviously don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about and don’t care.

  4. Roads and sidewalks that aren’t kept in proper repair.

  5. Anyone who feels that the curriculum in schools should be dictated by their political beliefs, rather than by common sense.

  6. South Park and other moronic TV shows.

  7. People who just can’t be bothered to turn off their cell phones at movie theatres, restaraunts, etc…

  8. Authors who plagiarize.

  9. Various other stuff.

  10. George W. Bush.

Hey, you stole that from my list!

Somewhere in my top ten is guys who aren’t as funny as they think they are.

I think that’s everyone.

  1. Republicans who are too busy making as much money/power for themselves and their cronies that they don’t give a damn about the future of this planet. Like George W. Bush.
  2. The fuckwit that keeps stealing my newspaper. Why do such morally vacuous people always end up livinge near me?
  3. The fuckwit just-out-of high school Mormon proselytizers who live above me and have a picture of their god on their apartment front door. I don’t care about that so much, however they never ever leave their apartment and instead bang around so much that they knock things off my shelves. Go outside sometimes, how are you going to convert people to your religion if you never leave your apartment? (This isn’t meant to be an insult to Mormons, as I have known some very nice ones).
  4. Popup ads. I already complained about these in another thread tonight.
  5. Idiot religious fundies who haven’t a clue and who attack science as though it were a cult.
  6. Popular “music”. Exactly what sort of emotion are they trying to evoke, given that what they produce is completely uninspired and soulds like everything else by 100 other “bands”? Do people really like this stuff? Ick.
  7. Arrogant drivers, especially the tailgating kind. You tailgate me, I slow down and thus you go even slower. You can pass me across the double yellow line if you’re that stupid, and usually you are…but I am NOT going to speed, since the second I do, I am caught.
  8. People who steal or vandalize, especially from strangers.
  9. Breeders.
  10. People that are innumerate. Especially those that insist otherwise.

I really could easily go on to 100 or more. I’m quite misanthropic, and most people, by their actions, aren’t very good at convincing me otherwise.

  1. Tailgaters

  2. Telemarketers

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. SDMBers who don’t pay their respect to Opal.

  5. The word “humongous” (it just fuckin’ bothers me)

  6. Eggplant

  7. The incorrect spelling of “definitely”. C’mon people it’s
    not that hard to remember.

  8. Silly ass sitcoms that are nothing more than horney people
    making smart assed remarks to each other. Wow! How clever
    and original. groan

  9. Lite/Light beer

  10. Like,like,like,like,like. AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!

in no order

  1. hate
  2. prejudice
  3. my memory
  4. the phrase “jumped the shark”
  5. at award shows, the obsession with what an artist is wearing
  6. spandex
  7. degradation
  8. arrogance
  9. seafood
  10. being cold and wet
  1. Paper cuts

  2. People that do not take proper care of their pets

  3. Arrogance

  4. Junk mail, spam, telemarketing

  5. Urban traffic

  6. Ignorance

  7. Dishonesty

  8. Liver

  9. Dirty environment, unclean streets

  10. Movies that are not worth sitting through

I. Televangelists (sp?)

2.Eminem as well as his fans

3.School Principals

4.Anne Heche

  1. Anti Harry Potter, Paranoid , pro Censorship, wussies.

6, Wal-mart

  1. Tipper Gore

  2. People who are really ignorant but were taught by redneck parents that they are frigging genius and therefore being real assholes when they are proved completely wrong.

  3. Young Teeny Boppers who were first Hip Hop and then realized that punk was the new craze and started dressing like Avril Lavigne, and I also hate Avril Lavigne.

  4. People who assume that i’m an ignorant teeny bopper poser because I like Sugarcult and *Nsync at the same time. These same people will refer to me as #9, which I am not.

  5. People who do like punk music, but will make it such a piont that they are “Totally and comepletely anarchist punk” that they will list every punk band they can think of as their favorites even if they have yet to hear a song from anyof them. These people will also constantly make the punk rock sign whenever they feel they havent met theit “Rebel Quota” for the day.These people will always wear black and plaid, try to convince you that they hear voices, that they are dark people not to be f**ked with, but maintain such a reekage of #9 that all you wanna do is smack them silly.

  1. Ignorance and the refusal to recognize and fight it within oneself.

  2. Public cell phone discussions, particularly those involving personal relations, finances, or health issues. Really, no one wants to hear about your IBS, probably not even the person you’re on the phone with.

  3. Body Odor.

  4. Sportscenter and other sports “news” shows that spend 50 minutes of any hour effectively covering gossip and he-said she-said scenarios. Also - Covering washed up stars regardless of their performance merely because their name will draw viewers (i.e. Michael Jordan).

  5. Being Out is In, but being In is Out, so let’s all just be the same to be different.

  6. High strapped thongs + Low-Ride jeans. The original point of the thong is that by wearing one, no one knows you’re wearing it! It is not sexy when anyone within 20 feet can see the color and brand name of yours–not to mention those of all 3 of the friends walking beside you.

  7. Baseball, Basketball, and Golf.

  8. Music that promotes misogyny, or discrimination of any kind, that is overlooked by critics and fans alike and praised for it’s musical value. Oh sorry, Eminem has already been covered.

  9. People that feel it necessary to come to a complete stop when making a 90 degree turn from one side street to another. Also includes all those that do the same at the entrance of an offramp.

  10. Youth being wasted on the young.

in no particular order:
10. politicaly correct attitudes shaping policy
9. ignorence of Biblical truths
8. gum on the sidewalk
7. irresponsable parents who smoke in front of children, don’t buckle them up, ect.
6. cars driving slow in the fast lane
5. the pee hard-on
4. Hollywood
3. folks who think it’s their God-given right to do anything, when in actuality, nothing is. (see #9)
2. Jealousy (yes including my own)

  1. wearing wet socks

I think I am going to have to revise my list and add

[li]Optical illusions that lie[/li][/ul]

No particular order:

Having to get up at 5 am to catch a bus at 6 am to get to school at 7 am. (I’m a teenager! We aren’t made to wake up that early)

People who give me attitude for no reason.

People who stand in front of my locker and don’t move.

People who insist on labeling music/modes of dress/other people as punk/emo/pop/whatever. Who freaking cares?

Losing my pen or pencil.

Peoplw who act stupid on purpose.

Feminism: it doesn’t mean “all men are evil and should die.” Anyone who acts thusly is sadly misled.

Getting cramps, accompanied with the whole menstual cycle thing. Women who inists that we shouldn’t fight it because it’s natural obviously don’t get cramps. Call me crazy, but I don’t enjoy spending two days hunched over in pain no matter what I do.

People of a religious bent who try to convert me. Mainly, but not limited to, Bible-thumping Christians.

Radio commericals.

Today’s list: :wink:

  1. People who resort to name-calling rather than honest debate
  2. Stereotyping and generalizations
  3. People who use warlike tactics to promote peace
  4. Brussel sprouts
  5. Bliss bunnies
  6. People who confuse Americans with the government that “represents” them.
  7. Cruelty
  8. Exclusivity
  9. The current Administration in the US
  10. Hypocrisy