Poll: Favorite American Late Night Talk Show Host

I’d have said Stewart but I’m not sure The Daily Show is quite the same format as a regular talk show.

Currently, Craig Ferguson. But the best conversationalist on Anerican TV was Bob Costas on his show Later. He could make people I would normally have no interest in fascinating.

I think Craig Ferguson is also an excellent conversationalist; he’s much brighter than he would ever admit to, and is an intellectual magpie - curious about and interested in everything, which translates well into talking to strangers.

I’m never quite sure if he’s serious about deconstructing the whole talk show genre thing, but I suspect he is.

I love that he is interested in anything. I mean, which of the other talk show hosts would have a philosopher who studies the ethics of moral particularism on his show and then do a dance number to the theme song of Doctor Who? He’s terrific!