Poll: Favorite American Late Night Talk Show Host

I’m assuming The Tonight Show was late night when Steve Allen & Jack Paar hosted…

Can a mod please edit the list to add David Letterman?:smack:

Guess the edit window isn’t the same for polls…

My “other” is for Letterman…

Carson wins. I still miss the guy!

No love for Ted Koppel? :slight_smile:

I came in here all ready to vote for Craig Ferguson, but then I saw the “for all time” part. Nobody can compete with Carson. But Craig is definitely second for me.

Bill Maher wins for me, simply because his shows (both Politically Incorrect and Real Time) are the only ones that I’ve seen just about every single episode of, and make it my weekend (formerly nightly) routine to watch. Plus he’s about the only guy on that list not afraid to crack a joke at those who deserve it, or talk about the issues that everyone else is too afraid to mention on their shows.

I don’t get the appeal of Craig Fergeson AT ALL.

I went with Conan, based on my guess at how involved he was in the writing.

It’s been a long time, but he used to have fantastic sketches, which outweighs the interviewing part of the show for me.

I voted for Conan, because his show is the only one I’ve ever watched consistently (and laughed consistently, too). I’d add Stephen Colbert but I’m not sure he counts. He’s in a completely different league, and the format isn’t as traditional as the others (opening monologue, guest, guest, musical guest – with or without sidekick).

I went for Tom Tomorrow Snyder. He had a great line up of rock stars as guest over the years, with wildly varying results.

Jon Stewart Vote here. I was never crazy about Carson, I preferred the younger zanier Letterman back in the day.

Conan, with Craig a very close second.

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Larry Sanders.

Dick Cavett. Jeesh…

My love for Jon Stewart yields to no other man.

I was going to vote for Jon Stewart . . . but then I remembered David Suskind, who had an intelligent and entertaining show from 1967-1987. He covered many controversial topics other shows wouldn’t, especially in the years of the “sexual revolution.”

And no Dick Cavett?

I thought about Susskind, but wondered whether he was only in NY?

Was Dick Cavett late night?

Stephen Colbert I admittedly missed; for some reason I don’t think of him as a traditional late night host, even though he comes on after the news ;-). I initally only put Jon Stewart in because he once hosted a LNTS on a major.

Thanks, Czarcasm!


Dick Cavett. Carson was a better host in some ways, but too much unfunny schtick. Minute-for-minute, Cavett gave more value.

I’m not as old as I probably sound, but I’m not a commited viewer these decades and have hardly ever seen a number of the current crop.