Poll: How drunk should I get tonight (6/1)?

I leave it to the Dopers to decide. On a scale of 0-10, with 0 being stone cold sober and 10 being alcohol poisoning, vomiting and out-of-body experience, how drunk should I get tonight? I’ll check back to this thread in about three hours (10 PM CDT) to tabulate the results and report back tomorrow on the results.

What’s the occasion?

Normally, I’d recommend no more than a 4, but if you’ve got tomorrow off, aren’t planning on driving, and there’s a really good occasion (celebrating, wallowing, whatever), then I’d suggest you might take it up to a 6 or 7.

I never go beyond 3-4. And then only on special and widely spaced occasions.

A 2 should be good.

This is not one of your best ideas. I will vote for 0 because I like you.


I’d say a 5 or a 6. For me, that’d be about a pitcher of Sierra Nevada and a shot or two of Jameson…mmmmm

Problem is anything beyond a 5 on that scale and it’s pretty easy to be convinced you should drink more…

Where are you drinking?

<Madisonian Hat On>
Mickey’s is always a fun place if you’re into funky and cheap…let us know and maybe Althea and I will join you… :slight_smile:

</Madisonian Hat Off>

Just don’t get so drunk that you do something stupid, like go out and buy Funyuns or something like that.

If you have to drive, no more then 1. If you have to work tomorrow but aren’t driving anywhere tonight, you can go up to a 4. If you don’t have to work or do anything before noon tomorrow, go for a 6.

If you’re just breaking up with a SO, go for an 8.

I think I’ve probably hit 9 before. Chugging half a bottle of tequila will do that…

In general, I’d say anything above 6 or 7 is pushing it, unless you REALLY like your porcelain time (y’know, you get a certain zen calm when you’re puking your guts out for half an hour… ah, the times I’ve shared, sitting in the corner of the bathroom, half-hugging, half-leaning on the toilet, leaning over to dry-heave every so often… good stuff).

Also, do you have cheap, hot munchies close by…like to walk to? I’m thinking about either Wendy’s or my local late night, non-corporate taco place. (Taco Burrito King on Harlem and Higgins, FYI)

I just got back from the store where I purchased a 12er of Bud Light and a liter of Jim Beam. Tonight, I’m shooting for about a 5, I guess (No, I’m not drinking all of it). So far, I’m a swig of Jim and half a beer into my night.

I love the few weeks between getting home from school for summer and finding the summer job…


The adventure begins…

I didn’t do the math, so what’s the estimated level of slobberage going to be?

I guess I’d like to know also how you’re going to know when you get there, the essence of drinking being a decided lapse in judgement.

Hey! That’s where I go!!

Otto, I agree with hajario. I like you.

If you’re drinking because you’re in a good mood and not alone, go do an 8. If something’s bothering you, mail me, or post here and stay with the 1 you’re now at.


Well, that was a bust. I started off with a couple belts at home, hit somewhere around a 2 and just got bored with the whole process. Ended up dozing off on the couch in front of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, woke up in time to switch to What’s My Line on GSN and then back to sleep for a while longer.