Poll: How often do you get saluted?

The question is pretty straight forward. How often do people snap off a salute when they see you?

I ask this because a female coworker snapped off a salute this morning. Another coworker saluted me yesterday.

Why would they do this? I don’t salute people. I have never been in the military. I don’t walk around like a drill instructor.

What is your experience with salutes?

Happens all the time, but I often start it. Just goofy shit we do at work. It’s left-handed if I’m carrying coffee…

“I put my last few francs down, on a prostitute,
Who took me up to her room to perform the flag salute.”

Wow, that wasn’t supposed to be posted yet.

Anyway, a few times month, I guess.

At my old job, the managers and I used to salute each other on a regular basis just to be goofy. I started it by snapping to attention and saluting when they gave me an order, and they started reciprocating, and eventually it was how we greeted each other when we went on and off shifts.

I left that job in July and have been saluted exactly once since then, by a rather goofy coworker at my new job.

When I was in the Marines…

I salute customers who irritate me by barking orders at me.

It usually embarrasses them, and amuses everyone else.

I get saluted fairly often. Well, not me so much as my car. My husband was a Navy officer (now retired) and there’s an officer’s sticker on our cars. So, whenever I drive onto a military base (several times a week, usually) the gate-guard salutes.

That said, no civilian has ever saluted me. Maybe because I’ve usually lived in military towns, and, in a military town, most people have actual experience having to salute someone and so we choose not to fool around that way when we don’t have to?

When my husband gets a little biggity I’ll sometimes snap him a nazi-salute and goosestep off to follow his ‘orders.’ But I’ve never given him a “real” salute – I was an enlisted girl myself (this was before he was commissioned) and my saluting days were over after I got out!

Several times a month, but it’s always just cadets who take me for an officer.

All the time. It’s hell being the President of the United States sometimes. ::sigh::

Seriously, my husband and I will do it to each other sarcastically when the other is being bossy. Otherwise, never.

Driving home from work at a 4 way stop last month, a very gangsta-looking young man in a black Honda rolled down his tinted window and gave me a snappy two-fingered salute.
Otherwise, almost never.

Not saluting, but a close friend of mine and I always call each other “sir”. I don’t remember how it started. It freaked his wife out, but now she’s his ex-wife, and we still call each other “sir”.

Never. I feel so left out. :smiley:

A few times a month – but I always start it. I don’t know why.

I get saluted (and smartly salute back) a few times a day.

I’m a Marine Officer stationed on a military base so it seems almost natural.

Nobody ever salutes me, but I salute people. Not the snappy at-attention salute, but more of a two-fingers-to-the-edge-of-the-forehead-and-then-at-you kind salute. I kinda use it instead of a wave. I haven’t the slightest idea why, just something I do…

What AntaresJB said. I do a relaxed two-finger salute as a greeting. Not sure where I picked that up.

Another two-finger saluter here. A number of years back I used to occasionally use the thumb-and-forefinger-in-a-circle and say “Be seeing you” just to see if anyone caught the “Prisoner” reference.

This is bizaar! Never, and never seen it done between civilians in the UK, and never heard of it being done before this thread.

Must be a US thing…

Aww, don’t feel left out. I’ve never been saluted either. Still, I consider this a good thing. I wouldn’t be too happy if people thought of me as an uptight, officer-type person