POLL: How was your vaccine reaction?

Dose 1 (Moderna): Arm sore for ~36 hours. It was still sensitive for another 24 or so
Dose 2: Arm sore (at about 22 hours right now). Maybe a little under the weather, but I think it is partially because I am looking for a reaction. I don’t think I would notice otherwise (with my normal range of how I a feel).


I got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. I was tired all day but could barely sleep last night. Arm was really sore last night. I feel pretty crappy today, but no fever or anything. Just really lethargic. Arm has barely any pain at this point.

I got my second Moderna almost exactly 48 hours ago. The shoulder soreness wasn’t quite as bad, but everything else was worse. I’m more or less back to normal now, but I had chills for several hours yesterday.

I worked the day after my first shot, but I took both yesterday and today off work, due to tiredness, etc.

I got my first Pfizer dose Thursday afternoon. My arm was a little sore on Thursday and Friday, but one of my hips and lower back ached much more fiercely both Thursday and Friday nights. Last night was fine.

AZ, and I’m telling everyone that asks that my symptoms have lasted 3 days, because, well it’s true. But.
Left work early on second day because my mental acuity had dropped below that required for effective work. Napped the rest of the afternoon, then went to bed.

Sore arm on the first day. And on the second day. And on the third day. And on the forth day. What do ya expect? Somebody stuck a needle in my arm, of course it’s sore. It’s also sore if I fall off the bicycle and hit the ground. I’m amazed at people who don’t have a sore arm, at least on the first and second day. I guess I’m just a wimp.

Me too. Especially since the shot itself was more painful than every other one I’ve ever gotten except tetanus boosters.

OP here. If you haven’t read the thread, I was vaccinated (Moderna) on April 2nd and suffered severe fatigue plus other symptoms for almost three weeks after my first shot.

I got my second shot today, and asked the pharmacy worker about that. She said a reaction is common on the first shot if you’ve previously had Covid* (though not for 3 weeks). The bad news is the second shot doesn’t get worse or better, it’ll probably be about the same level of reaction as the first. :sweat:

So far, five hours after jab #2, I do feel really tired but not particularly awful. Arm isn’t sore this time.

*I don’t know if I’ve had Covid, but I came down pretty ill late March 2020 and it lasted a couple of weeks+ and was similar to my vaccine reaction though worse. I was never tested (there was little testing that early in the the pandemic) so I’ll never know if that was Covid.

My wife and I got our first Pfizer shots about a month ago. She had a slightly sore arm and I had no side-effects at all.

Our niece got a first AZ shot recently and had fairly significant side-effects for a few days but she’s good now.

The 2nd Pfizer shot was the rough one for me. Muscle/joint soreness for about 3 days.

As bad as getting Covid (which isn’t as bad as as it sounds, excessively tired for one day), and my arm hurt like a bitch for a couple days. One exception, I didn’t have have a sense of smell for a couple weeks when I got covid.

Pfizer for me, and I barely felt first shot. No different than my flu shot. Mild arm soreness (when armed moved a certain way, not all the time) for a day and half.

Second shot I felt a bit more and had a little speck on blood on bandage. Probably not-quite-as-mildly sore for two days.

That’s about it for me. I did have a few sudden 30-second-duration chills the fist time, but it was an unseasonably cool day. More like chill-like reaction (chillbumps, etc.) than actually being cold, though.

I got the first Pfizer shot on April 23. The immediate side effect was arm soreness that lasted two or three days. Not horrible, but very noticeable when I moved my arm.

Saturday, the 30th, I started to feel unwell, then went downhill fast to the point where I was shaking so hard with chills I thought I might pull a muscle. I was sick and fevery until this morning. I went for a Covid test, which came back negative.

So who knows? Seven days seems like a long time for a delayed vaccine reaction, so maybe I had something else. It’s also possible that I had Covid, but the vaccine kept the levels low enough that the test was a false negative. Apparently that happens sometimes.

So… it’s a mystery. But I’m offering it up as a data point in case others had a similar experience.

Pfizer. First shot, nothing more than a little arm soreness. Second shot, same, but a little worse. Then about 8-9 days later I came down with a low-grade fever and chills, diarrhea, achy all over, fatigue. I was miserable. It was just like having the flu. The diarrhea lasted about 10 days. I have no idea whether this was a reaction to the shot or something else (I very rarely get sick).

Like @Sam_Stone and @panache45 I had a delayed reaction, but not of a week or more. I felt fine for a couple of days, then around day 3 I started feeling really awful and this lasted a while. I had nausea (but no diarrhea) for 4-5 days after.

@panache45 did you get a covid test after the second shot when you felt awful?

First Moderna shot: a bit of arm pain the following day, same for my wife.

Second shot yesterday morning: no issues until bedtime last night. Both of us had extreme chills, mine seemed to be interspersed with night sweats. My wife woke up nauseous and vomiting. Neither one of us are well enough to drive right now. I have a fever of 101.1, my wife 103.something.

Moderna #1: Slightly sore arm for a few days, and interestingly, the site became tender for a couple days a week or two later, which makes me wonder if I was exposed.

Moderna #2 (yesterday): My arm was VERY sore last night, and I woke up today feeling like I had been hit by a truck, with a 101-degree fever and I’m burping last night’s dinner. I feel worse now than I ever did when I think I had COVID before it hit the news, but am I sorry I got the shot? Heavens, no.

We also had a cellist playing in the post-vaccine waiting area, and I heard a violinist tuning up behind a screen. :slight_smile:

I just got my first COVID shot. It’s Astrazeneca, which has a “success” ratio of only 60-72%, although it virtually eliminates death from COVID. I’m male and under 50, if that’s relevant (probably is).

The injection site became sore an hour or two afterward, but this morning it’s basically gone, unless I poke at it.

Fictional Doctor: “So stop poking at it!”

I got Moderna. No reaction at all to the first vaccine, second vaccine my arm was actually really sore for about a day.

Second Moderna shot yesterday (24 hours exactly). Absolutely no side effects, not even a sore arm. I’m so disappointed.

My wife, on the other hand, spiked a 104F temp after her second Pfizer. Fortunately it passed quickly and was handled OK with Tylenol, but she was pretty tired for a few days.

Yes! My period was so late that I bought a pregnancy test, even though I have an IUD. Then when it finally showed up it was more painful than usual for the first couple days.

I got my second shot in the opposite arm, too. As I posted up-thread, I got my first shot in my non-dominant arm and woke up the next morning with tenosynivitis in the thumb of that arm. One month later, it’s mostly healed, but not completely. I decided to get my second shot in my dominant arm since I don’t have any sort of injury in that arm. I just got the shot (Moderna) three hours ago, so nothing to report yet.