Vaccine reaction-- specifically, Pfizer after J&J, but any J&J booster story sought

I got the J&J last March, and am over 18, which means I am due for a booster, now that they are approved. I haven’t had it yet; I had an appointment plus some tests this week, and my PCP did not want side effects from the vaccine confused with effects from an injury I’ve had. My doctor has recommended an mrna vaccine, and suggested the Pfizer.

After the J&J, I wasn’t too bad off-- I had arranged to have two days by getting the shot on a Sunday in the first place, then having the following Monday off. If I’d had to work, I would have managed, but I was glad I didn’t have to because I was a little fatigued and sore through my shoulders. The thermometer said I was at 99°F, and for me, it usually reads about 97.5°F. Side effects didn’t last more than 36 hours, and were definitely better than a case of COVID.

Since the J&J has been a one-&-done, I don’t know anyone who has had two, but I do know people who had the Pfizer and Moderna shots. The unscientifically small sample of “people I know” suggests that side effects are more severe after the FIRST Pfizer, but the SECOND Moderna.

'Course, that doesn’t mean anything for someone getting the Pfizer after the J&J.

So has anyone had either of the mrna shots after the J&J? or a second J&J? Anyone in healthcare have any “common knowledge” about the wisest course for a booster for the J&J in regard to avoiding side effects?

I have looked at the calendar, and I’m just not able to set any time aside to have a day off after getting a booster, unless I wait until winter break at the end of December, and I don’t want to wait that long.

Obviously, my primary concern is the best protection, not merely the fewest side effects, but I don’t know that there’s enough information to say that one course is overwhelmingly better than the others-- and right now, my PCP feels that an mrna after the J&J is the best course for me. I’m probably going to get a Pfizer this Sunday, barring not being able to find one.

If I hear lots of stories from people saying they felt just awful, I could put it off until Friday of next week, and then take Saturday to recover. Not the nicest way to spend Shabbat, but probably a mitzvah. Or I could get it right before Thanksgiving-- it’s not a holiday I celebrate anyway; I could have several days that way, and I’d just be putting it off a few weeks.

My wife got J&J in March, then the Moderna booster last week. Absolutely no reaction, we went hiking the following day.

I had J&J in March and got a pfizer booster a week ago. Other than minor soreness on my shoulder I had almost no reaction at all.

My roommate, a 33 yo woman, had a J & J this spring, as soon as it was available. This Wednesday she got a booster of Moderna.

At the time she said the injection was painless compared to what the J & J felt like. She has since had no untoward side effects or negative reaction at all, now 72 hours out.

I had the J&J in March with no side effects whatsoever. I got the Moderna last week, and had arm soreness for about three days. All in all pretty benign.

When the initial shipments of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca arrived in Aust I took the view that being fit, healthy and only slightly aged and a hermit/misanthrope living happily in isolation I would wait and allow the more needy to vax up.
So it came to mid July and then my kids started calling me an anti-vaxxer. I took immediate steps. A local clinic could fit me in the next day. They couldn’t do my second shot for 10 weeks. I waited the min 6 weeks and cancelled that appointment and got my second from the local pharmacy.

AZ and as for a reaction, they could have injected normal saline.

This might be the skill of the injector. I was a little worried I didn’t actually get the first Pfizer injection because I didn’t feel a thing. My 2nd dose was a strong pinch similar to what the flu shot usually feels like.

My J&J felt like nothing when I actually got the injection, but after about 24 hours, it was slightly sore to pressure, and after 36, just hurt. But then resolved after maybe 48-60 hours.

Maybe that’s what was meant. I always expect a sore arm from injections for a couple of days because I always get one. And that’s how I knew for sure that did receive the first vaccination because my arm got sore later.

My mom had J&J back when she was first eligible. She just had a Pfizer booster this past Wednesday. No reaction except a sore arm.

Moderna booster after J&J: I don’t even recall what happened after the J&J. My arm was VERY achy for the two days after the booster. (About the same reaction I had to a tetanus shot.)

And I’m now basking in an incredible glow of wellbeing. That should count as a reaction too.

I had a J&J in March, and Moderna booster about two weeks ago. No reaction of any kind after the J&J, but about 24 hours after the booster I had chills significant enough to send me to bed early in flannels. I woke up fine the next morning but my arm ached for days.

Note that I also had my first-ever flu shot at the same time and the shots were in different arms. I didn’t note which arm was which–for all I know it might have been the flu shot that caused the chills and sore arm reactions!

I had J&J in April, followed by a Moderna booster late October. No major effects for either shot, maybe a little under-the-weather after the first one. Sister-in-law got the same shots in the same timeframe, and the booster knocked her on her ass for a day – just the usual immune response to a vaccine stuff, but a lot of it. She was back to normal the day after.

I just mentioned this elsewhere - I had J&J in April and Moderna booster a week ago. My arm is sore and slightly swollen at the injection site, but not a huge deal. I only mention it because you’re asking, but I’d feel dumb making a big deal out it.

Moderna after J&J. Sore arm. More sore than my flu shot, less sore than the original J&J. And some very light fatigue.

J&J in March, Pfizer a couple of weeks ago (at the same time as a flu shot) - no effects at all.

I had J&J in May and Pfizer this past Saturday and the J&J kicked my butt for about 24 hours, the booster made my arm sore for a couple days.

So, how did it go?

So far, not even a sore arm, but with the J&J, and didn’t feel fatigued until about 12 hours after the shot. The nurse who gave me the Pfizer told me that I’d probably have another reaction, but reminded me, that’s just the immune reaction taking effect.


And the last time, it didn’t last more than a day. It’s about 1/2 hour into Saturday right now, and I have nothing to do; on Sunday, just have to teach religious school for 2 & 1/2 hours, and Monday, just have to work 3 hours in the afternoon. It’s not until Tuesday that I have a long day.

I should be fine whatever happens.

J&J and now a Moderna booster at Walmart. The pharmacist warned me that since the Moderna shot has more to the dose that it might kick my butt a bit. So far just an achy arm and I’m tired but that could just be from the drive & doing some shopping. I made a giant pot of pasta last night so I don’t have to worry about cooking tonight.

My daughter had the Pfizer and went with a Moderna booster. It was just luck that she was in the time range to get it done.