Poll: % Of People You Know Who DON'T Have A Computer At Home

I heard on the radio that millions of people are filing their taxes by computer from home and I also read there was a huge increase of sales over the Christmas holiday via Internet.

It got me to thinking.
How common is a computer at home?

I realized that all of my friends have computers at home, with email addresses. Even my 80 year old aunt just got an email thingie from her kids for Christmas this year.

The only people I know who DON’T have a computer are a few older friends in Europe, and three elderly women at work who work on computers all day, live alone, and see no reason to have one at home. (They do, however, use the Intenet at work to look up things and order stuff on-line.)

So to answer my own question:

Only about 1% of the people I know do NOT have a computer at home.

You seem to have answered your own question. :slight_smile:

I strongly suspect that 99.5% of people who are members here will have a computer at home.

In general, it would vary massively from country to country, but it will be alower figure than you might think.

I agree.
The questions is, how many people do you know (friends and family) who do NOT have a computer?

Ah sorry, I didn’t read the OP properly.

Quick calculation… of the people I know about 60% own a computer at home.

I’d say, of the people I know who aren’t also Dopers – the percentage would be as low as 20 - 30% home computer ownership. Yet, they keep telling us New Zealand has a fairly high per-capita Internet usage rate. Maybe it’s because I come from a slightly less well off part of th’ burg.

do you mean a computer or internet access?

internet access in america was at 50% in 2001. After household income went above $50k, it went to 75%.

Not to come across as a spoiled white guy, but why wouldn’t people have the internet in todays scoiety? its $9.95 a month for an ISP now, and a home PC is $200 if all you use it for is basic things. Back when AOL was $7 an hour for 28.8k and a computer was esoteric i could see why not, but today its becoming integral for research & communication.
To answer your original question, the only one i can think of is my grandmother.

Ooh. I know more than a few people without computers or Internet access. Mostly, coworkers. Well, actually, a few have family members with computers, but they themselves are completely clueless about anything computer-related, therefore trying to tell them to see a certain website (or do anything on the computer) is pointless. They don’t know how to do it, and won’t do it.

A few years ago (probably 1998) at my last job we had a meeting for something or another. There were about 30 of us in this meeting. The people holding this meeting mentioned their website and asked how many of us had Internet access. I think 3 of us (including me) raised our hands. I knew one of the others that raised her hand, and she’s one of the “clueless can’t do anything on her own” types. Frankly, even though I am exiled in Hooterville, I was shocked that the number is that low. Things are better now, of course, but I think there are more than a few people in this area who are without a computer at home.

What if you narrow it down to computers capable of surfing the web?

I know quite a few computer not-so-literate folks from work with 486’s and worse without internet access, collecting dust, who would raise their hands when asked if they own a computer.

Nigh-zero. Including both sets of grandparents. Best thing in the world for keeping in touch with family spread over a continent.

Hmmm. Acutally, I know a surprsing amount. Most of those I know who don’t have one are:

a) are so technology clueless they have problems figureing out how to use a dial-operated microwave,

b) are those who haven’t had any need to obtain a computer (use it only at work, etc.),

c) students (which includes people of all ages, etc.) who are too poor to afford a computer and its associated costs.

So I’d say, hmmm. 20-30% (roughly).

<< Buy a Pentium 4 so you can reboot faster! :D>>

While my grandfather and my parents have computers and regularly communicate by e-mail, my brother and sister own machines but apparently have forgotten that e-mail exists. :rolleyes:

As for the remainder of my friends, acquaintences, family, etc., - I apparently hang out with Luddites. I just added up on my fingers how many people I know with PC’s at home. The rest prefer books I guess.

So in my case, it would be a somewhat high percentage - perhaps as high as 60 - 70% that are computer-les.

Well, my parents refuse to join the 21st century and learn to use one. They just come to me. Offhand, I know only a couple of people without internet access. I myself am sitting in front of two computers, complete with two monitors, so I’m making up for some Luddite out there… :wink:

My sister and her husband- both in their mid-30’s- don’t have a computer. Neither of them is comfortable with using them. I imagine once their son starts school they may be more inclined to get one.

My grandfather doesn’t have a computer. In fact, he’s never even owned a typewriter. His handwriting is so neat, even at the age of 87, that he really doesn’t need a typewriter, much less a computer.

Other than that, most of my friends and family have a computer, so I’d say maybe 5% to 10% of the people I know don’t have a computer.

      • Of the people I work with, I’d say that about 5% have no computer or computer experience at all–they also tend to be poor, and have no interest in getting one. Of these, as far as internet service only costing $10 or $15 a month, they’d rather buy two or three packs of cigarettes instead… They are mostly middle-aged, not well educated and low-income, never learned how to use one and don’t deal much with anyone who does use one for personal reasons.
  • Another 15% now how to do basic tasks on one (surf, start a program) but don’t have a computer/ISP because they can’t afford one.

If they didn’t have a computer, how on earth would I have met them in the first place? :?

I can’t think of anyone I know well who doesn’t have a computer. I’m sure a decent percentage of the little old ladies at my church back home are without one, but I’ve never actually asked. And, who knows; my grandmother has had one for years, and I never would have suspected that of her if I hadn’t known.

0%. Some have more than one computer at home.

I know one woman doesn’t have a home computer. She also does not own a television set or a microwave oven. Guess she prefers it that way.

It’s not that she can’t afford to buy such things. She makes a good living. It’s just that she chooses not to have those items in her home for whatever her reasons are.

My youngest sister doesn’t have and doesn’t want a computer. But my technophobe mother is quite the surfer and emailer. Just about everyone I know has at least one computer at home.

Hmm. I don’t have a computer at home. I used to, but it belonged to the company I was working for, and when I left the job, they wanted it back. They wanted their truck back too, the lousy…

I have two at work, and I got to the library if I need to use computers any other time. I’m happier without one at home, honestly. I read a lot more, play with the dogs a lot more, and go out a lot more.

I don’t have a microwave either. I’ve got a TV, but it only gets three channels.

Most of my friends (80% or so) have computers at home, though.