Poll: Opposite sex doctor: Ya mind?

I was thinking about this when reading another post about a 16 y.o. kid wondering if he should worry about some goosebump like bumps on his dick. Told him no prob, but if he’s still worried, ask the doctor the next time he’s there for something else.

Which brings me to my poll. If you’ve got a health concern that involves your genitals (also, breasts if female, prostate if male), do you mind an opposite sex doctor? A couple of months ago I found a small lump on my scrotum (not in my testicles) that kept me walking the floor all night until I could get an appointment at my HMO. To get a fast appointment, I settled for what I could get, a female doctor. No problem, I’m not modest anyway…besides, I had way more on my mind (I’m not kidding about walking the floor all night). She looks at it, fusses with it a little, then says, “it’s just a cyst. Leave it alone (now she tells me…been fussing with it all night), it’ll go away on its own. We could operate, but it’ll probably just reoccur. If it gets infected, come back…then, we have to operate.” Whew. No cancer of the manly bits for this guy!

I stop sweating bullets, struggle mightily to avoid hugging the doctor, thank her embarrassingly profusely, and leave. Yup, it goes away on its own, blah, blah, blah.

What say you? If you have a private parts issue, do you give a damn about an opposite sex doctor?

No huhu. I’ve had female doctors most of my life, and my wife’s a nurse. They’ve seen it all, so there really isn’t any reason to be embarassed.

Yes, I’m actually more comfortable with a female doctor (I’m a male). It’s not sexual at all - but I’m certainly more used to a female handling those bits than a male. This pretty much goes for anything related to my personal hygiene. It’s an interesting question, because I suspect it might not work the other way (at least to the same degree).

I prefer my doctors and theripists are the same gender as me, male. I also prefer them to be homosexual. Above all I want to feel they are the most qualified person I can find and afford.

One small story I’ll share is when I was eight I had to have a surgery to remove a small growth inside my urethreal tube? it prevented my from urinating regularly. Before they put me under they asked if I was comfortable with everyone there. There was a female nurse and I asked if she had to be there. They said no she could leave if I wanted and I said yes. I feel bad about that request. It was sexist in my opinion. For all I know once I was asleep they might have had her back in.

Ditto here, I’m more comfortable with my female doctor. She seems very “momish” so I can relate to her on that level.

I’m a female and I grew up with a male pediatrician. Never really bothered me. I’d say I trust males and females equally as GPs.

However…I will not visit a male gynecologist. Some women prefer them. My mom’s had the same male OB/GYN for 30 years. Me, I just don’t need a dude examining me “down there” … in a medical way.

When it comes to my naughty bits, I prefer a gay male doctor. If I can’t find one, I’ll go with a woman doctor, straight or lesbian. My last choice would be a straight male doctor. I just don’t trust that they care enough about my kit.

I feel like a straight male doctor is just gonna say " eh, take an aspirin. It probably won’t fall off."

This might be a stupid question, but how do you know your doctor’s orientation? I know I certainly don’t get that chatty with mine.

Stereotypes and assumptions. Duh!

You don’t always, though sometimes you can look them up in a doctor-finder directory. They probably wouldn’t be listed as “gay doctor” but they’ll turn up in a gay-friendly doctor list.

My last doctor was gay but I didn’t know that for sure when I saw him.

Two weeks later though, I met him out socially.

:confused: The Gay community can be a bit tight-knit, and it’s not difficult to find the local gay doctor if you’re in a city with a large enough gay community to have a few known gay doctors.

Hell, I found the local gay military doctor when I was in the military.

My current dermatologist is female and I have to strip to my underwear everytime I see her, so yeah, I’m fine.

As long as he or she is competent, i don’t care, and i certainly don’t have any problem with having a woman doctor (i’m a guy).

About 6 years ago, just before i moved to the US, i found a small red spot on the head of my penis. It didn’t go away, so i went to the sexual health clinic at Sydney Hospital. Turned out to be some sort of mild fungal infection, and cleared up very quickly with some prescription cream.

Anyway, i’d never been to a doctor for sexual health related issues before (i’d had HIV tests, but nothing where actually inspecting or prodding my tackle was involved). I was in the waiting room and finally heard my name called, and when i stepped into the office i was confronted with an absolutely stunning woman, in her late twenties or early thirties. She was HOT, the sort of woman i’d definitely do a double-take for on the street.

My main concern was that i would end up embarrassing myself by getting a hard-on while she was checking me out. What i soon discovered, however, is that no matter how hot the doctor is, there’s something profoundly unsexual about having your dick and balls moved around by latex-gloved hands and a small wooden spatula. Needless to say, the erection stayed away, much to my relief.

This probably sounds insane I know.

My first choice would be a female doctor ( I’m a hetero male) and my second choice would be a gay doctor.

I think this is just because as a hetero male I know how much it must suck as a hetero doctor to have to do those kind of exams.

I’m sure my thinking is absolutely flawed but there you have it.
As a side I remember once as a teenager I had to go to the doctor. A nurse came in who happened to have rather ample breast come in and take me blood presure. When she was doing this one of her breast were laying upon my arm. As a hormonal teenager I started to get ah… well… aroused…

I was wearing shorts at the time when this happened so it was COMPLETELY obcious what was happening.

Kudos to her for not saying anything. Because I know she saw it.

Needless to say I was completely horifide!!

I do generally prefer a female gynecologist, but I trace back that to a particularly painful and humiliating pelvic exam done on me when I was a teenager. I was having GI pains and the doctors checking me out decided to eliminate that region as a cause. Cold speculum - and probably too large to be used on me at the time - large hands, clinical manner, a rectal exam too, and just the humiliation of a teenage virgin who had religion-instilled sexual/body shame, and that made for a really bad experience. I know that my mother had a female gynecologist with crappy bedside manner who I would have gone to most other male gynecologists before having to deal with that woman.

I also admit that I tend towards female doctors for things like dentistry, gynecology, or other professions where their having smaller hands on average might be more comfortable for me.

The only real problem I’d had lately was with a really handsome male neurologist who would get a really high BP/pulse reading for me when he’d do that after checking my eyes. You know, where they turn out the lights and get that little hand-held light, and lean really, really close to you to take a look. fans self The one time he mentioned something I just said I was in bad physical shape. Fortunately he switched the order around in the exam soon after that. :smiley:

If they’re poking my girly bits, it’s got to be a female doctor. Anything else, I just see whatever doctor they give me.

Says You!

Male here - I don’t mind if I have a woman doc. I have only had a few, but it never bothered me.

Male and I couldn’t care less. When I was psych nursing I used to get one of the women docs at work to check out all my ills because I knew how she good she was from working with her.

I have a straight male OB/GYN, and I’m a girl (just had my post-partum checkup on Tuesday, actually). And no, my husband doesn’t have issues with it either.

I care more about competence. My current gyn is a man and has incredibly gentle speculum technique, the best I’ve ever experienced, and the other two who’ve done it were both women. My regular doc is a woman but that was only chance, she was taking patients, so I got on with her. Most of my doctor experiences have been with orthopedists, who are overwhelmingly male IMO, so it’s not an issue.